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lets go nads
10th Aug 2001, 15:04
Anybody out there heard about an improved package for DHL? Have heard there may be one on the cards! :rolleyes:

Centre Command
10th Aug 2001, 18:33
lets go nads,

Will the night flights change to day flights and the pay double? That would be a good start.

You work for a better outfit than that now!

lets go nads
11th Aug 2001, 04:32
I know C/C but one must not become a fatty catty and accept our fate, we must keep on looking.And honing ones interview and sim skills for that elusive dream of a job (if there is such a thing).

Centre Command
11th Aug 2001, 13:05
Exactly! We must never sit in one spot fat, dum and happy, but as in every airline, one must keep on the pressure to improve conditions within. Running away to the 'perfect airline' only means that you will be fighting another fight. So what is the point???

But if you can name one single airline that is DEFINITELY much better than the one you are with, then I challenge you to.

Go on!

11th Aug 2001, 22:48
When one takes a mortgage on a house, one makes a 20-30 year plan...why do pilots find it impossible to do so when asessing a prospective employer?...

11th Aug 2001, 23:05
Twenty years ago new hires at Braniff, Eastern, Pan Am, did a lot of assessing, eh? There's no assurance that a big bully of an airline like AA will not someday bite the dust.

12th Aug 2001, 19:22
Centre Command, a noble defence.

The outfit I work for is perhaps a second rate version of the one you work for and we both have the same livery on the aircraft. We just fly from different bases and I don't have any CC members at my base.

17th Aug 2001, 13:18
The general package is still as per the original. Not heard of any improvement in the dosh, or anything about working practices, work patterns, etc.
Any updates?
Any news on where the pilots are coming from? YTS, Chain Gangs, or is that after you sign up!
Information seems to be very slow emanating from WC. Would be nice to be kept informed, especially as have shown interest. :(