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25th Jan 2002, 01:42
A Boeing 727 from Afghan airline Ariana has taken off from Kabul for its flight to New Delhi in the company's first international flight since November 1999.

The flight, carrying about 20 passengers from Kabul International Airport, was made possible by the lifting of United Nations sanctions against Afghanistan, following the ousting of the Taliban.

The aircraft is one of only two Ariana planes to survive two decades of war and US bombing raids.

25th Jan 2002, 08:19
Funny then that both Ariana B727's were seen on a regular basis at Sharjah UAE upto around end of Feb 2000.. .Cheers.

25th Jan 2002, 12:41
There was a report earlier this week that Ariana were looking to the US to replace all their aircraft which were damaged by US bombing.

Six passenger planes belonging to Ariana Airlines, two Boeing 727s and four Russian-built Antonov 24s, were involved. An Ariania Boeing 727 and an Antonov 24 escaped.

Apparently the airline needs a capital injection of around $600 million and it has invited foreign carriers to present offers for a joint venture.

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25th Jan 2002, 12:54
My sources show this aircraft to be registered as YA-FAY and previously maintained by FLS in Dublin