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11th Dec 2004, 10:36
Associated Press
Cathay to Resume Flying Four Boeing Jets
Friday December 10, 11:09 pm ET
By Helen Luk, Associated Press Writer
Cathay to Resume Flying Four Boeing 777-300 Jets Taken Out of Service After Reporting Problems

HONG KONG (AP) -- Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. said Saturday it will resume flying four Boeing 777-300 jets that were pulled out of service after an engine part fell off one of them as the aircraft flew over Thailand last week.
The 6.6-foot long chunk of an engine duct smashed the roof of a car near Bangkok's airport on Dec. 1. No one was injured but Flight CX751 bound for Bombay was forced to turn back to the Thai capital.

The Hong Kong-based airline later inspected all 10 of its Boeing 777-300 jets and discovered the engine ducts in four were faulty.

Cathay said Boeing Co. found that overheating had caused problems in the planes' ducts, but the problem had been fixed.

"The repairs and identified inspection intervals will ensure that an event similar to the one experienced on Dec. 1 will not occur again," Boeing's Vice President John Quinlivan wrote in a letter to Cathay.

Cathay's spokeswoman Carolyn Leung said the airline was still checking the planes but will resume flying them next week.

The Dec. 1 incident was one of a recent spate of engine problems reported on Cathay's planes.

One involved a Hong Kong-bound flight that was forced to return to Los Angeles after witnesses reported seeing flames coming from one of the engines on Nov. 9.

Cathay said a new turbine blade caused the problem on the Los Angeles flight and that the part has since been returned to its manufacturer, Rolls-Royce, for inspections.

12th Dec 2004, 00:05
Wow, bad luck for Cathay these past couple of months