View Full Version : Alitalia MD-80 landing with gear problems at MXP

17th Nov 2004, 19:56
Corriere della Sera in Italy reports that an MD-80 landing on it's belly earlier on this evening. All 57 passengers (and one assumes the crew) safe and evacuated through stairs (?) - airport closed for 20 minutes.

That's what the report says - but it doesn't say if all gears were stuck - sound improbable in view of the short runway closure time and the reported use of stairs for the evac. (but I'm not in the industry...)

Flight was from Venice to Malpensa

Link (in Italian) (http://www.corriere.it/Primo_Piano/Cronache/2004/11_Novembre/17/malpensa.shtml)

edit to say that Ansa (equivalent to Reuters) are saying that the emergency was related to the cockpit gear locked lights not functioning correctly - so it sounds like it probably landed normally after-all ...

Anyone got any more info

18th Nov 2004, 21:42
Italian TV reported that the crew circled for some time to burn up extra fuel. Some sort of gear emergency extension procedure was used as the landing gear doors then remained extended. Two flypasts performed were of limited benefit due this happening at night and the aircraft landed uneventfully, except for some sparks when the extended gear doors scraped on the runway. No major drama and well done to all.

19th Nov 2004, 18:06
Was it the same a/c that did a fly-past at LHR last week with the same problem?