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Krystal n chips
15th Nov 2004, 18:46
A friend of mine showed me a very old--well 60's I am guessing RMI the other day and is curious to learn more about the instrument. Not being of the avionic fraternity, I was unable to help. Hence I wondered if anybody here could possibly shed some light please. The details below :

Code PW / 101RNA / EA 1

Sec / Ref. 107 / 5826 - 99-952-2314

S/No: 4248-66

The unit was manufactured by Smiths--naturally---and has a certain HM Govt arrow on it if this helps at all. And it has some very "primitive" transistors inside !.

PM or open reply is fine.

Many thanks in anticipation.

K n C

18th Nov 2004, 11:23
Cannot help you with the question itself, but I do have a suggestion: Have you posted this question in these forums as well:

Due to a complaint, I have had to remove the link. If this causes offence, please do let me know and I will refer the thread/post to those much further up the totem pole for adjudication. Regards, John

Quite a few knowledgable people there in the Historic Aviation section!

Krystal n chips
19th Nov 2004, 11:35
Many Thanks for that info. :ok: Will give it a try, plus any more that surfaces now the thread has been moved. I only posted on the Nostalgia site because of the nature of my query so maybe this relocation will generate more info.

K n C