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LTN man
24th Jan 2002, 01:16
<a href="http://www.alasta.nl/images/Plaatjes%20Download/Bmibaby.gif" target="_blank">http://www.alasta.nl/images/Plaatjes%20Download/Bmibaby.gif</a>

24th Jan 2002, 01:27
Well is it? <img src="confused.gif" border="0"> <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

Hap Hazard
24th Jan 2002, 01:33
Sorry but it does beg the question.... .Is that baby down the back wondering who's just farted up the front....??

24th Jan 2002, 01:34
I attended the launch today at East Midlands Airport and I can assure you it is not a wind up. 15,000 free seats are being given away from next Monday via their website. £25 will be the standard fare each way for many of the most popular European leisure destinations including Barelona, Nice, Alicante, Prague etc. and more new routes are to follow. Go and bmibaby are set to battle it out at EMA.

24th Jan 2002, 03:43
Quote from the press releases on the BM site....

Tony Davis, managing director of bmibaby said:

“I am delighted to be able to unveil our new spokesbaby today, who has recently been named Tiny, and who will be helping me to introduce the largest no frills airline in the Midlands."

Well, good luck to him. If it gets people from A to B safely and profitably, and provides jobs for pilots and others, who cares what the outside looks like? And in any case, Mr D is a marketing type who probably knows what he's doing....

(Edited for spelling and sense)

24th Jan 2002, 04:00
Wow, and I thought B.A had it gone as wrong as possible with "those" tails!!

24th Jan 2002, 04:11
It's all the progeny from the Exorcist, Omens I, II & III and Bride of Chucky, all lumped together. Yuk - makes EZ's overuse of orange look good by comparison!

Go still wins on the low-cost design front by an aesthetic mile!

24th Jan 2002, 04:12
I actually quite like it - cute

but my mother always said I was a strange lad.

24th Jan 2002, 04:17
I wonder if this was an in-house design competition. Winner gets free seat on first flight. I guess there are just too many PC design packages on the market these days !! :)

24th Jan 2002, 05:02
I think it looks great.

With a head that shape I do hope it was a short labour. OUCH!!!!

Another thing, I hear the airline will operate under a different designator to mainline. Does anyone know the new callsign.

"After the landing a/c on short final, line up and wait baby" . . <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">

24th Jan 2002, 14:10
Is the fact the reg appears to be G-MIDF (an Airbus A321) telling us something we ought to know?

24th Jan 2002, 14:37
Is the choice of the name bmibaby a response to the infantile prattlings of the outmanoevred GO executives?. .In honour of Capt.Hardy the cabin crew ought to be called RONettes.

24th Jan 2002, 15:11
It's not surprising that they can't find skippers to fly these things voluntarily.

Young Paul
24th Jan 2002, 15:27
Er, I think they already have.

According to the website, routes are BCN, NCE, AGP, PMI (daily)

FAO 3 x per wk, ALC 2 x per week

DUB (3xper day)

Little Blue
24th Jan 2002, 15:39
I was at the launch yesterday, as well...even gave em a song !. .I see there are still cynics sniping from all sides...now it's the bleeding livery that is offending em !!. .Who cares what is written/painted on the outside?. .At 30000 feet, I doubt that will be bothering the punters.... .Good idea.good logo...and good luck to all !!. .Even GO !!. .... .The cake was nice, n'all !

24th Jan 2002, 16:31
[quote] Is the fact the reg appears to be G-MIDF (an Airbus A321) telling us something we ought to know? <hr></blockquote>

If you look at the 'fleet' pics in the bmi inflight magazine, all the planes except the 330 have the same reg - and I think it's G-MIDF. I guess MIDF was one of the first painted in the new colour scheme, and they edited all the pics from that.

Which still doesn't answer the question of the source of the picture above.

Invalid Delete
24th Jan 2002, 16:38
Good Luck to em.

However, that has got to be the worst design effort in human history <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> I've seen better splatterings on the ground outside my local on Saturday night !

- You know what they say though, any publicity is good publicity !! <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

24th Jan 2002, 17:06
With all this new traffic in and out of East Mids, what's the transport like once you get there ? I'd give Go & Baby a try if it's not too difficult to get to Manch'.

24th Jan 2002, 17:38
That livery is the funniest thing I have seen in ages....it certainly made me chuckle. Could not actually believe it when I checked out the website and discovered that the " baby " was for real!!!

24th Jan 2002, 17:41
If you think the livery looks dodgy the new uniforms are being announced next week.................... I hope that nobody feels it necessary to spit the dummy. Oooops

24th Jan 2002, 17:53
When Easyjet started, many people thought it looked really cheap and bodgy, with the bright orange everywhere (including check-in), but now it is hardly noticed. Similarly Go with its spots and naff radio jingle (I thought Go was worse than easyjet).

BMI have done well to create a complete marketing concept, including the paintwork. Yes, it's really strange, and yes everyone who sees such a jet for the first time will point and stare (possibly vomit!). The point is this, a budget airline has very limited financial resources, and so every aspect of the airline must be designed to attract attention. Such that people say what airline is that?? oh, that's the NEW budget airline from BMI etc.....

QED this thread.

To survive as a budget airline you must always seek to get noticed and stand out from the crowd.

. .To those who knock it, what would you have done?

To create something original, from scratch with a clean sheet of paper, but very distinctive, attention catching and that will fit advertisement strap lines. It's not as easy as it seems.

Besides, everyone likes babies ...Don't they?

24th Jan 2002, 17:57
It looks better in reality(a model), There's a picture in the back pages (34) of todays telegraph.

Electric Sky
24th Jan 2002, 18:37
Schipol Maid

All of the aircraft types pictured in the normal bmi inflight magazine have the reg G-MIDF. The baby bmi picture has just been amended from that. There are no plans to use an A321... initially just 2 737-300s.

ES <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

Mr Bean
24th Jan 2002, 20:42
Well me thinks its pretty good...once you've looked at it for a while.New and fresh. Let the battle of the rattle commence at Ema.

24th Jan 2002, 20:51
My question is:

How much did the PR gang get for the design?

[As with the 5 million pound Aer Lingus shamrock]

24th Jan 2002, 21:13
Simbad3000 You have your wires crossed they are GO's routes. Hopefully not for long. <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

24th Jan 2002, 22:22
From the baby's mouth: :)

<a href="http://www.bmibaby.com/presscentre/showImages.asp?res=low&ID=42" target="_blank">http://www.bmibaby.com/presscentre/showImages.asp?res=low&ID=42</a>

24th Jan 2002, 22:39
It doesn’t matter what its called or what the logo is all that matter is that people talk about it and remember it so when they book flights the web address is in there head.

Basic marketing “make it anything just make it outrageous”. . <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> :) <img src="eek.gif" border="0">

24th Jan 2002, 23:47
The BMIBaby paint scheme is a joke (and not that funny either).

It is the polar-opposite of great logos of the past - like Excalibur's logo. That sword on the tail was a symbol of British pride and strength... . .I haven't seen many paint schemes WORSE than this one - some "creative," 25-year-old, pot-smoking, former psychology-major, advertising jacka$$ is responsible for this one...

It's kinda fem and it gives Britain a black-eye if you ask me... I understand that BMI is trying to set up a different operation that doesn't confuse the customer, but this is ridiculous...

. .Cheers

25th Jan 2002, 00:00
Say what you like about FR, but I like the blue and gold corporate colours, even down to the rugby shirts MOL habitually wears. Who's gonna wear a t-shirt with bmibaby's logo???

25th Jan 2002, 04:38
For the market it's aimed at the logo is a good design. In fact I think the whole name and image is rather clever. Well done bmi!

25th Jan 2002, 05:06
COOL! As alot of you say - it's getting talked about that's the name of the game at the moment!

It also give's the impression that its being closely held under the wing (no pun intd'd). .of it's parent company.

I can't see it being a kick in the face for the UK. .with 2 73's flying out of EMA (?) - hardly same as 250 silly tails at LHR! :)

25th Jan 2002, 12:51
Just to follow on from LAVDUMPER, my vote for most insipid, dreary and uninspiring new design has to go the the dipsticks at Britannia, for ditching the wonderful classy, elegant and very British looking livery in favour of hideous pale blue with bog standard lettering (in red......I mean red on blue for God's sake !!) and some horribly disfigured smiling face nonentity logo on the tail to be shared with all its other World domination seeking partners.......I know we don't get on with the Germans <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> but surely we didn't deserve that from them !

Another decent livery is going down the plug hole soon too, with the smart Airtours look, being dumped for another grotesque "corporate mega giant" look. My Travel, what a smart and inspiring name that is, together with its swathes of orange and blue, looking like a last placed entry in a modern art competition.

Seriously what are our charter airlines thinking, can't any of them reatin their own name and stick to a decent livery.......why is it suddenly so wrong to be British ?

As for bmi baby, at least it has its own identity which is more than can be said for Britannia and Airt.......sorry My Travel Airways.

Oh, to bring back the days of Orion, Paramount, Dan Air, Air Europe and Caledonian.

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Stagnation Point
25th Jan 2002, 13:10
The response from non airline friends is that they like it. Ask yourself one question, Who picks the holiday destination and the mode of travel? Wife, girlfriend, Mother(only if your underaged or sad). So what group do you think the marketing people are targeting?

Answer: Young newly married,engaged or about to be engaged women looking to get pregant, married or engaged at an exotic location. Or for a cheap holiday with the kids in tow.

If it ain't got a golf course I aint GOing. :) :) :)

25th Jan 2002, 13:28
I have been told that all the designs have been in house at bmi, so it hasn't cost £millions for a marketing company to come up with the design for bmibaby.

I think it is really catchy, and from what I've heard from the public it seems to be very popular.

I can't wait to get some of the 15000 free seats on Monday!

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25th Jan 2002, 13:30
The real battle to win pax out of EMA is going to be won by the marketeers.

bmi has made a pretty effective start, I think (whether you like the paint job or not, its got a fair amount of press coverage).

However, their success in marketing is, well, sh*te, and thats the way the low cost sector is run.

Go have their retro jingles on radio and tv and have saturated billboards across the land. I just can't see the top brass at bmi pulling out all the stops to compete on those terms.

Good luck to all: I hope the jobs stick.

25th Jan 2002, 13:44
Remember what a bashing the 'old' new scheme got on Prune early last year?

Well, that's grown on me now and I kinda like the baby already (my girlfriend certainly does..Awww cute etc etc).

Let's just hope it's around long enough for people get used to it..

(and at least it won't be embarrassing us down at LHR, fwaa fwaa <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> )

25th Jan 2002, 15:30
East Midlands is about 1.5 hours from Manchester. M56, M6 (only about 20 mins) and the remarkably problem-free A50 and you're there. The short term car park is possibly the most convenient in the history of aviation.. . . .Still no news on how we get those free seats to Malaga.

Glas-gow? No-Go! (tm)

The Bard of Hell's Ditch
25th Jan 2002, 20:28
Someone, somewhere, surely, is taking the pi$$!

made me chuckle, though.

25th Jan 2002, 20:57
Well it has worked here EVERYONE has remembered it.. aint that what marketing is all about?. .Perhaps the chairman will try silly stunts in balloons it has the same effect :)

27th Jan 2002, 05:12
i think it looks like they gave a small child a piece of paper with a 737 outline on it and a crayon <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

28th Jan 2002, 05:33
Details of free flights on the bmibaby website. Designator is WW, You would think that maybe PP would be better in the circumstances...

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28th Jan 2002, 11:46
Well, as of today the following is published on their website:

[quote] Monday 28th January: We are currently experiencing problems booking infants on bmibaby flights. Please make your booking without infants, and then call the bmibaby sales centre on 0870 264 2229 between 0800 and 2100 to add an infant to your booking (note: infants travel free on all bmibaby flights <hr></blockquote>

So the baby company with no baby bookings!!!! How funny is that!!!!?!?!

P.S. Do they want us to call them "B M I Baby" or "Be My baby"?!!?!!?!?

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Capt Homesick
28th Jan 2002, 23:55
It's bmibaby, coz' the alternative is just too horrible to contemplate... <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

Few Cloudy
1st Feb 2002, 14:18
How come this thread has lasted so long, when any attempt to mention the new SWISS corporate image is rushed off to Aircrew Notices within six seconds?

Both deal with a new branding - oh I forgot - one is foreign isn't it?