View Full Version : Emergency at EGBB

24th Oct 2004, 16:34
Precautionary evacuation at Birmingham today 16:30Z , runway blocked temporarily I guess? did not get flight number no reports of any injuries, heavy showers just passed - well done guys n gals.


24th Oct 2004, 19:59
all ive heard is that it was a BA aircraft which had smoke in the flightdeck

24th Oct 2004, 20:37
Could have been nasty.

Well done to the crew concerned.
Anyone know what type of evacuation?? Slides etc?

24th Oct 2004, 23:24
It was an Embraer 145, possibly 'BRT456' which was routing Glasgow to Southampton


26th Oct 2004, 09:09
It was BA7866 gla to sou
smoke in the flightdeck drifting through into the cabin, diverted to
bhx reapid disembarkation on the runway all unhurt thankfully

26th Oct 2004, 19:55
There is only one guy I would want on the flightdeck in an EMB145 emergency, Niels Briene. King of the 145.

26th Oct 2004, 20:07
I was on one of their EMB-145s last week (G-ERJC) when the nose gear doors opened in the cruise! No big deal and we continued on to Brum at reduced speed, which gave me time for a second bottle of wine. Still, with these and others, BRT do seem to have had their fair share of niggling little problems with the 145s in the past year.