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16th Oct 2004, 07:31
and turnback to Dortmund/Germany yesterday. That's what our friends wrote.


bacardi walla
16th Oct 2004, 08:29
so what, it happens on a daily basis. :confused:

Doug the Head
16th Oct 2004, 08:52
Gee, thanks for sharing that with us catchup. :rolleyes:

16th Oct 2004, 13:09
its not that common that 5 fanblades are damaged beyond repair and flightdeck windows damaged !! Aircraft out of service for a good few days !!

and 40 dead birds were found on the runway alone

Old King Coal
16th Oct 2004, 15:41
Much like life.... impact and outcome has a lot to do with the size of the bird(s) ! ;)

Splatting 40 or so Sparrows might result in burnt chicken smell in cabin, but whacking 40 big muvva fugga Seagulls can produce much more exciting results..... to say nothing of a somewhat of a funky smell in flightdeck. :}

16th Oct 2004, 16:15
Sorry to make you feel bored. I've about 15k hours in commercial jet and never encountered a major bird strike.


16th Oct 2004, 18:44
Lucky You :rolleyes:

16th Oct 2004, 21:10
Lucky they had a spare brand new aircraft flying overhead at the time being delivered from the Airbus factory here in Germany that London Operations managed to divert into DTM... I dont think the crew from the damaged aircraft expected a replacement that fast the Captain looked a bit shocked when it pulled up along side him.

Basic T
16th Oct 2004, 22:02
No they are not sparrows but we're talking buzards and falcons here.
Have had 6 birdstrikes so far in the last 3 years.....5 of them the last 4 months in DTM.
Do we still remember ezy's first flight out of DTM?? New airplane had to be flown in from LGW a couple hours before as original first a/c had hole in leading edge from impact with falcon on arrival.


bacardi walla
17th Oct 2004, 08:53
catchup I have no reason to doubt your level of experience, but your opening thread was, to say the very least, dull and uninviting with no information other than an aircraft had encountered a birdstrike. Maybe if you want to post such events, maybe add a bit more information in the opening lines :confused:

17th Oct 2004, 08:59
with no information other than an aircraft had encountered a birdstrike.

That's not correct. I wrote about an airliner subject to birdstrike and subsequent TURNBACK.


Doug the Head
17th Oct 2004, 09:56
Catchup, perhaps you could post some relevant facts regarding that bird strike instead of irrelevant facts like your 15k hours flying experience...

Was the aircraft damaged? Was there an engine failure? Emergency declared? Maybe a link to a newspaper article? Is this a local problem, like Basic T suggested? I agree with bacardi walla that just stating that an EZY aircraft returned to DTM after a bird strike was a bit vague.

Airplanes turn back on a daily basis for various reasons (including bird strikes) and make an uneventfull approach and landing. Hardly worth posting them all here on PPRuNe.

Here (http://www.davvl.de/Volu%20englisch/2003/Breuer.pdf) is a link that could be of intrest: Increasing bird-strike numbers are in contrast registered at Dortmund and Munich airport, and, with a less negative trend, at Erfurt, Muenster/Osnabrueck and Saarbruecken airport. and As previously mentioned, the bird-strike rates are based on data by Deutsche Lufthansa. However, as Lufthansa does not serve Dortmund, Erfurt, Saarbruecken and Berlin-Tempelhof regularly, no meaningful numbers can be given for these airports.

With EZYs new base in DTM, perhaps more reliable numbers will be available in the near future.

17th Oct 2004, 10:14
ok. here is the link


Do you feel better now?


Doug the Head
17th Oct 2004, 10:27
Thanks for that link Catchup, but Im still confused about what point you are trying to make in this thread. :confused:

17th Oct 2004, 10:37
Sorry for confusing you that easy.

Guess this forum is ideal for sharing experience. If so, it would be nice to hear

- is it true what the mentioned website tells us?
- what happened really?
- how was coop with ATC?
- have there been any warnings on the ATIS/by tower?

and so on......


17th Oct 2004, 11:16
Based on my experience with the RAF in UK and in Germany the birdstrike hazards in Germany are much higher than in UK. There are far more birds around, particularily now, as the birds from Scandinavia head south through their traditional routes to North Africa for the winter. Not many birds from Scandinavia choose to transit via UK.

19th Oct 2004, 18:49
I have to agree the birds here are on the large side and at this time of year is a real hazard.


19th Oct 2004, 18:53

Quantity doesn't mean quality


Sir George Cayley
21st Oct 2004, 18:03
Bit worried about the dismissive or negative reception birdstrike matters get on here from some.

A single large birdstrike or multiple strikes from small flocking birds can kill you. In a twin flying through Starlings could rob you of sufficient power to remain airborne.

In many parts of the world Geese on migration number thousands and cause catastrophic aircraft damage in a collision due to their mass.

What ever aircrew worry about when they get airborne (terrorism, CFIT, midairs, engine failure etc) actually birds can be a bigger threat than any of these.

The fact that more fatalities don't occur is due to the efforts of others and a large dose of luck.

Sorry if that ruffles a few feathers!

Sir George Cayley