View Full Version : A340 Main Landing Gear

10th Oct 2004, 21:40
Hi Can anyone tell me why the outboard mains on an A340 tilt a different direction than the middle gear, back as opposed to forward.

Cheers BazzaBoeing

11th Oct 2004, 22:26
Probably same reason as for the 767 to tilt in opposide direction than the 757. A matter of storage space when retracted.

12th Oct 2004, 18:38
I take it you're talking about the centre gear on the A3456. The centre gear has a pitch trimmer assembly just like that on the main gears. The assembly has been designed to move the centre gear bogie to the trail position to allow the gear to retract into the fuselage bay. It's also required to move the bogie to the dip position to allow the centre forward doors to close without fouling the gear. By keeping the bogie in this position rather than to move it back to the trail position like the main gear would require an extra command in the LGCIU sequence logic which would add to its complexity.