View Full Version : CSA pilots question pay deal?

9th Oct 2004, 21:41
Rumours have it that CSA(Czechoslovak Air)made the decision to replace its 737 fleet. The next question is will they be replacing the grossly underpaid pilots with better paid crews? I wonder how many A330 captains out there are working for take home pay of less then 3000 euros.
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The contract has been delivered to the airline and they have the audacity to balk at the figures that still give them a thirty percent advantage in 2007. Our contract expires at the end of the year. Please support us in any industrial actions...

10th Oct 2004, 10:20
i wonder if we get the 3 % raise next year?Would be damn good and buy me an additional package of chewing gum a month...BTW i just updated my emirates application...finally got the time to do it,i recommend the same to you,as it seems we will be stuck on the Airturd Regional de Toulouse for much longer than anticipated...fridays meeting sounded promising,didnt it?