View Full Version : CFIT,and Altimetry interpretation..

6th Oct 2004, 08:35
Apart from some of the articles from FSF,are there any Texts dealing with the misinterpretation of the 'old' three needle altimeters as opposed to the needle/drum pointer....??
Has this concern been regarded as a contributary factor in the CFIT scenario??If so have these concerns been issued in print(or download??)
FSF had one Canadian case of this,I'm looking for more formal texts..

Notso Fantastic
6th Oct 2004, 10:21
One possible lead is the loss of an Iberia Caravelle at Blackdown Ridge, Surrey, UK in the late 60s due to possible misinterpretation of a 3 pointer altimeter. It would have been late October/early November- I was at a fireworks display on a dirty night some miles SW of where it crashed and it we heard it come low overhead. One of those on board killed was the lovely TV comedy actress June Thorburn (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0861185/)
and I see that site says the date was 4 Nov 1967.