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27th Sep 2004, 13:17
Just found on the internet


27th Sep 2004, 17:52
This is what happened when I went to Babelfish.com.....

In Chatraeumen and InterNet forums most unbelievable stories are told. Unbelievably, but the picture, which an aircraft passenger shot and in a forum for professional pilots published, is genuine: An engine revealed in the middle in the flight. Since that time it bubbles in the "Professional Pilots Rumour network".

Passenger photo of a naked airbus engine (screen SHOT): Fear-full moments for passengers and crew
An oppressing sight was offered on 13 July of this yearly to the passenger of an airbus A320, which had taken straight off from the large airport in Atlanta (US state Georgia): At an engine the lining made of metal separated. The shroud broke off and flew away, whereby parts of the engine suspension and also the fluegel-Vorderkanten were heavily damaged.

The absence of the cowl was not noticeable to the flight captain, probably however the passengers, who informed the cab personnel. Thereupon the pilot of the American society Ryan made airlines the only correct international: It returned to the Hartfield Jackson internationally air haven and touched down there safe. Why the cowl had broken off, at present by national the Transportation Safety board, the flight safety authority in Washington, one examines.

To reread the fright faces were in the "Professional Pilots Rumour network" (PPRuNe), an InterNet platform for professional pilots. "our occupation prevents that we live the office everyday life, which is normal for most humans", is called it on the web page. "we do not receive the usual gossip." The InterNet should create remedy, and functions obviously in the best way: For seven years occupation fliers in the forum discuss safety questions, flight technology and haarstraeubende incidents like the turbine turbinen-Striptease of the airbus in July 2004.

to "go stepping out and home"

The photo of the entblaetterten engine heated the mind up with PPRuNe. "What would you DO?" (which you would do?) the user asked named "Ultralights", which had placed the photo in the net. Answers were long in coming not. "who has the can-opener at the safety check vorbeibeschmuggelt?", read the launige comment users. Another discussion participant recommended: "the altimeter to zero set, step out and home go." A pilot guessed/advised to the following announcement from the cockpit: ", here their captain speaks Ladies and Gentlemen. We begin now with the lesson over it, like the inside of a jet engine functioned."

The misfortune was not first of its kind. National the Transportation Safety board refers to a further incident, which already occurred on 13 September 2000 in Canada, when the cowl of an airbus A320 had away-flown air haven to the start of the Lester B. Pearson internationally to Toronto.

Mechanics had not at that time tightened the closing mechanism correctly after maintenance work at the engine. Other soil control room the error had not noticed - and also not the pilot of the society Skyservice airlines, which still examined the machine before the start.

Security authority required rework

It would not have had to come to the youngest Malheur into Atlanta. Because in October last yearly, then reported now the magazine "aviation Week & space Technology", had already required the gestrenge flight supervisory authority Federal aviation Authority (FAA) a rework at the cowls: At the latch plates, which hold it together, the pre-loading is to be increased, and the catches would have to receive a safety device, so that they cannot open in the flight, wished the FAA in an explanation obligatory on all air lines.

The custodians of the FAA even expanded the nachruestung of the engine hoods. It must be made with all jets of the type rows airbus A319, A320 and A321, which are internationally aero Engines equipped with engines of the US manufacturer.

At Lufthansa one took precautions in the thing however already, explains Bernd Habbel, speaker of Lufthansa technology in Hamburg. Only the Airbus-A321-Flotte is equipped with such jet engines. And these machines were brought already since the year 2000 on the standard demanded now, insure it.

The Ryan internationally airlines in Wichita (US state Kansas) takes it in the meantime completely exactly. They angemalt the lock fasteners also still with sharp colors: Now are easier they to recognize, if they stand out from the cowl - the voucher for the fact that they are not completely closed.

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27th Sep 2004, 22:45
For all those whose German is not fluent (and who would blame you, itīs a hell of a language... ;) ): The article basically draws on a PPRUNE thread and even, at the bottom of the page, gives a link to said thread (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=144420&perpage=15&pagenumber=1).

28th Sep 2004, 04:54
Objection, your honour EDDNhopper (regdg. the german language . . .).
This language is as easy to learn like the chinese language.
Whenever I had to be there, I found out, that even the little ones talk to you in chineese, so it must be very easy, and the same in germany . . .
Congrats for this forum to have found its way into "Der Spiegel".
Good for the number of new readers (or even members).

28th Sep 2004, 05:13
available here (http://babelfish.altavista.com/) it bubbles in the "Professional Pilots Rumour network". naked airbus engine American society Ryan made airlines Hartfield Jackson internationally air haven fright faces in the "Professional Pilots Rumour network" an Internet platform for professional pilots Like these people here. (http://www.pprune.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=126627&highlight=toilet+paper) turbine turbinen-Striptease internationally aero Engines equipped available here (http://babelfish.altavista.com/)

Spuds McKenzie
28th Sep 2004, 18:22
Good for the number of new readers (or even members).
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