View Full Version : Braathens Arsonist walks free with slap on wrist.

21st Sep 2004, 14:43
Arson on an areoplanes is no big deal in England.

This chap set fire to magazines on a flight and walks free with a 2 year conditional discharge and a couple of hundred quid in costs.

Still what do you expect from a country where murderers can get out after 7 years.


itchy kitchin
21st Sep 2004, 14:57
Absolutly ridiculous!
I wouldn't even call it a slap on the wrist.
he should be locked up. What's wrong with porn anyway? I can't believe that a grown man would be "offended". If it was the inter-racial aspect of it, he should have got a sentence for committing a racially motivated crime.

Mr Chips
21st Sep 2004, 15:58
The court heard he had changed medicine for a mental condition which had led to his behaviour on the February flight.

Best to lock him up though... not take into account what may have caused his behaviour...... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: