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6th Aug 2001, 19:09
I was wondering if anybody with first hand experience with this outfit could shed some light on their recently advertised Captain opportunities.I think I am qualified to apply for an A321 Command but wanted to get some background info prior to contacting them.

Thanks in advance and appologies if there is info archived somewhere, I can't find a thing here on PPRUNE.

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7th Aug 2001, 02:24
Office based in SIN. Big Property owners in SIN & Asia. 13 Acft on Seychelles register so have to pass Seychelles Air Law cse which they organise, BUT pay is US$4500 for 321 Capt. Acft based in Yangoon - what do you do during time off? Its lights out in Yangoon after 2000hrs. Second 321 on order to be based in Vietnam. A little more social life but not much. Yangoon - no internet & tel cost US$5 /min. Roster is 6wks on 2wks off. Company motto "no drink, no drugs, no women". Yo'all have a nice day now. :eek: :eek: :eek:

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