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16th Sep 2004, 10:23
Passenger in alleged air rage free on bail

WINNIPEG - A retired U.S. military nurse accused of an alleged air rage incident was freed on bail yesterday after posting a $4,000 cash deposit and making a promise not to board an airplane. Michael Husar, 58, of New York, spent five nights in a jail cell following his arrest last Friday. He was accused by Northwest Airlines of being drunk and disorderly on a flight from Minneapolis to Alaska. The airline, which diverted the flight to Winnipeg, said Mr. Husar upset a female passenger by touching her leg and shoulder during an argument about who was better -- U.S. President George Bush or John Kerry. He also allegedly swore and yelled at a flight attendant, then dumped the remnants of a drink on his seat. Mr. Husar, who claims the airline over-reacted to the event, plans to sue the airline. The Crown was seeking a $10,000 cash deposit from Mr. Husar, which they plan to use to compensate Northwest Airlines for the cost of diverting the flight. Mr. Husar has been charged with causing a disturbance and mischief. Mr. Corona said he is "definitely" coming back to contest the charges. Mr. Husar claims he was unfairly targeted, likely because the following day was the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

from the National Post

Note: The Crown cannot use the $10,000 deposit to "compensate
Northwest Airlines" etc.. The $10,000 cash deposit is part of the
recognizance of bail to ensure the accused's appearance in court and is only forfeited if he doesn't appear. R