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15th Sep 2004, 09:29
There is bound to be somebody out there who can help with this one:

The A319 MEL states that if ADIRS 2 (and/or maybe 3) is inop, 'do not take off in config 1 (+F)'.


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square leg
15th Sep 2004, 11:18
I suspect that with an ADR 2 (+3) FAULT, you lose the Flap Auto Retraction to FLAPS 1 when reaching 215 kt.

Seeing that FLAPS 1+F has a higher speed schedule than FLAPS 2, I guess the reasoning might be that FLAPS 2 is preferred as it gives you less room for error just after T/O. It basically delays the error till later on if you wish.

15th Sep 2004, 13:32
Don't know if this will help but on the Qf A330...no 2 Adirs can be inop due to the fact that #1 is also used for Egpws and #3 is the backup for Adirs...cheers:O

16th Sep 2004, 22:07
Square Leg is almost there I think!

If ADIRS 2 (and or 3) is u/s then with a subsequent ADIRS 1 malfunction the SFCC can 'see' an overspeed and do an auto-retract at any time. This actually happened in the early days of the a/c I believe and resulted in the flaps going to zero just after rotate!

By selecting Conf2 the auto-retract is effectively diabled just as SL has pointed out.

square leg
19th Sep 2004, 15:09
What's also interesting is that SFCC 1 gets info from ADR 1 & 3 and SFCC 2 from ADR 2.

20th Sep 2004, 09:39
Thanks for the inputs so far........it looks as though you/ we are on the right track. Let's see if anyone else comes in. FCOM no help at all!


20th Sep 2004, 16:26
.......from the Concise Oxford Dictionary: ''meant only for the initiated, not generally intelligible'' !! Sums up the FCOM really!!