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13th Sep 2004, 13:38
Can someone confirm whether my understanding is correct...

When LVP's are in force, if an a/c is anywhere between the FAF and the TDZ and an a/c is cleared beyond the Cat 2/3 hold, the ILS Sensitive zone has then been infringed?

This is the one of the principle causes of a reduction in flow rates during LVP's?

If you are cleared by ATC beyond the Cat 2/3 hold (whilst LVP's are in force) and subsequently to take off, in a circumstance where you know there is an a/c somewhere between the FAF and TDZ, what would you do?


PS: Edited to address BEagle's comment.

square leg
13th Sep 2004, 13:49
Q1: yes

Q2: yes

Q3: Just tell ATC that you'd prefer to hold at the CATII/III stop bar for the time being, until the other oke has landed and that you'll comply with his/her instruction once "low vis in force" is no longer a factor and the runway is clear and no one is on the approach. Just state what you want and what you think is amiss. Possibly someone made a mistake. Never just blindly follow ATC instructions... please:D

Turbine Cowboy
13th Sep 2004, 13:50
and say: '' ehh Tower... Confirm SR71 is now cleared for T/O RWY XX ?''
and act accordingly.


13th Sep 2004, 14:48
Presumably you mean if LVPs are in force and there's someone between FAF and TDZ?

Flying full-automated approaches under IFR in the USA when in VMC has been commented upon before. It could be potentially hazardous as the ILS sensitive area will NOT be protected......