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12th Sep 2004, 17:53
Hi all !

Belgian media reporting today that last Thursday (Sept. 9th) at 23:05 there was a "near-catastrophe" (typical journo language...) involving an Airbus (very vague) on finals for RWY 02.

Anyone know more about this ?

Let's try to avoid getting into a long thread with know-it-alls saying that this was probably just a crew doing exactly what they should have, that this forum is not for spotters, etc... There is enough of this crap on this site already.

This is a media report. I am not a spotter (!) and would just like some facts, if any, about this "incident".

Good landings to all,


12th Sep 2004, 20:25
An airbus aborted the landing on rwy 20/02. This runway is the shortest in BRU and should normally only be used with northerly winds.

Some minister decided to use some kind of dispersion plan, so that all runways could be used, and that more people are disturbed wiht a/c noise.

The people spreading the rumour of the near-crash are those living in the flightpath of that rwy. They got their houses very cheap and now start to complaint about the noise, so it could no longer be used (except when weather dictates), and thus have less noise probs.

Let's say this rumour has been "adjusted" to serve the purpose.

12th Sep 2004, 21:33
This runway is the shortest in BRU and should normally only be used with northerly winds

Well, yes it's the shortest of the three, but nevertheless 9800 feet long! That it was ever to be used with northerly winds is not quite correct.

13th Sep 2004, 03:51
Thanks for your insightful reply 744rules !

I was aware of the on-going dispute but didn't know it had gotten that emotional...


Young Paul
13th Sep 2004, 09:24
More particularly with easterly winds, since the residents of Brussels (including NATO) are really against the idea of aircraft going overhead.

13th Sep 2004, 11:59
You really do wonder what would happen to these NIMBY's if somebody said to them there will be no more flights to America etc. If you want to visit Florida it will be an 8 day trip by sea each way so you can't spend your 14 days holiday there.

13th Sep 2004, 12:18
Quite frankly, suspect that more than just a few of these NIMBY's would not be all that missed on the western side of the great devide.

OTOH, they might fit in rather nicely at the Barnum&Bailey circus....clowns.