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7th Sep 2004, 13:53
HI guys,
Just wondering what jars say about the minimum o2 psi carried on board a 737-500 for 2 crews if not placarded.
Asked but no definitive answers.
From manual 730 psi is enough for 3 in deck but that sounds awefully low.



7th Sep 2004, 15:10
I havn't got an B737 AFM in front of me at the moment, but if my memory serves me right there is a graph based on 2 crew + 1 observer and then expected flight time to give you a minimum oxy press. But 700ish psi looks about right for a 1 hour flight.

7th Sep 2004, 18:57
thanks a lot guys..yes i read in the cockpit companion about the 730 psi for 3 pilots minimum.I cant find it in either the boeing AFM the company gave me or the one used for my TR.Nothing in SOP.A.

However some of our aircrafts dont have the placard which mentions the nr of souls in the cockpit ,temp of bottle and psi required.
How do you know the temp of the bottle??as its close to us do we have to use the ambient temp?
Just like the minimum oil percentage on the ground,,,some manuals say 55% plus 2.3%/hour flight.
Asked our mechanics who told me their manual require 60%minimum(boeing) and our company dispatch asks for 70%.
Hydraulics is easy its placarded under the gages(88%)

Just a few of these things that in the first flight makes you mad not to be sure about..



7th Sep 2004, 19:02
Don't worry your head about it on your 'first flight'!! Worry about pitch attitudes and power settings, or a million other things.

Then, later, get someone to show you the company MEL/DDM.

Ambient temperature is the temperature at which the bottle is checked, ie ground air temperature, unless the ship has been flying very recently in which case it could be lower.

7th Sep 2004, 19:13
Is it not covered in the MEL?

7th Sep 2004, 19:15
sad thing is im not at my first flight..and nowhere to look except running after the mechs..
at your airline i know the min is 1500psi...mine manuals dont have it...
Hows mike king?
Ill look at the MEL for the aircraft concerned by tomorrow,
note:the first flight of the day/not on type:-)