View Full Version : BA wants to have 15% stake in KLM

sky unlimited
6th Aug 2001, 10:49
Again BA is trying to consolidate at the European Market by buying itself into KLM. I believe this is BA's third attempt to to take control in the Dutch carrier's headquarter. Wonder if BA is willing to drop AMR's American Airlines in favour of Northwest to secure KLM's Open Skies agreement....

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6th Aug 2001, 11:31

6th Aug 2001, 20:27
I read the report on the flight this afternoon, was in todays Fin Times, and also several Dutch papers carried the same story.

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6th Aug 2001, 21:36
You just have to wonder just where the money will come from. What have they got left to sell? The one thing that springs to mind is Engineering, you know, that expensive overhead the core airline wanted to get rid of a few years ago.

Human Factor
6th Aug 2001, 22:15
Saw this on BBC Ceefax yesterday. Would appear the intention is to acquire 15% initially with the ultimate aim of a takeover. Heard that before somewhere ....

How the regulatory authorities will view this in addition to the (re-)proposed code-share with AA is anyones guess.

7th Aug 2001, 17:43
For KLM read Amsterdam Schipol.

With T5 at LHR years away and no more slots they need to get into a big european airport with room to expand (is that another runway under constructiuon I see to the west of 19R).

The ways the airlines are run is so different that no way can they be merged. (BA bribe with money, KLM with extra Days off is just one)