View Full Version : BA & EWS ...What's really going on?

4th Sep 2004, 10:56
Can someone enlighten me as what the REAL story is with EWS? I've heard about ' Christmas Trees' in CWL and a Titan 733 covering at LHR. Rumours from the Base suggest this is just the tip of the Iceberg! :(

Jet II
4th Sep 2004, 11:09
Latest is that LHR want to pinch LGW's Christmas Tree to so as to get rid of one of the Titan a/c.

Trouble is once our Christmas Tree is gone how do we keep LGW's show on the road? :{

4th Sep 2004, 12:10
EWS is a cock up of the first order. It is an off the shelf solution from SAP and in its current form is unsuitable for front office stores.

Additionally it only runs every 15 mins so if a request for a part is made at 12:01 it doesn't get processed until 12:15. Then if the system says something is not in stock the eng can't have it even if they can see it The stock can't be issued if it isn't in stock on the system because it can't then be shown to be given out.

Also the ordering of parts has been cocked up by the system so they are short.

The upshot of this is that aircraft are being grounded due to ADD's running out of time.

767 dusking has been delayed and 737's are to return to LHR crewed by LGW pilots on schedule K (almost certainly).

IFS are asking for CC volunteers until the shambles is over.


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