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mealie puddin
30th Aug 2004, 16:18
Is it true that Virgin USA is going to get UK SF/O's from Atlantic, put them in the left seat in the US on the 320, to give them P1 time???

30th Aug 2004, 16:52
I'm sure the insurance people will like that idea for a startup...

30th Aug 2004, 17:01
Sounds impossible, they would all need green cards and I cant see the INS letting them in with so many unemployed US citizens.

I think someone is pulling your leg.

30th Aug 2004, 17:16
Its a windup.
No one is that ignorant.
Let it go.


30th Aug 2004, 17:25
With thousands of qualified pilots in the US, that will happen !!!

30th Aug 2004, 18:23
This particular topic has gone quiet since the April-May publicity grabbing about where this phantom is to be based. No web site, no more press releases, does anyone have any news on this topic ?

As for UK pilots flying domestic N reg in the US - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, there is only the UK Govt soft enough to permit that sort of thing - ref the 1995 attempt by BA to put USAir FO's into the right seats at BA EOG.... finally thwarted by BALPA I believe - but only after BALPA had agreed to it and then realised they needed to calm down the membership ! I believe it took some discussion in parliament though...

When a US tour operator chartered a UK aircraft to fly a program from Newark to points in Africa via Gatwick, the FAA wouldn't even grant a licence to fly into the US unless the aircraft was operated under the US flag, as a result, a US operator flew the aircraft on the N reg to Gatwick, there was a reg change done in Gatwick - EVERY FLIGHT, and then the aircraft continued on to Nairobi. The reverse was done going back to Newark. Lesson learned - very protective ! Long live the Jones Act, it's a shame there isn't a similar effective law in other countries...

30th Aug 2004, 18:28

30th Aug 2004, 22:36
Is it true that Virgin USA is going to get UK SF/O's from Atlantic, put them in the left seat in the US on the 320, to give them P1 time???

No, it isn't true.

Notso Fantastic
30th Aug 2004, 23:00
Can anyone BE that gullible?

Big Bus Boy
31st Aug 2004, 05:10
I'm sure your right about Virgin not taking UK pilots to the US, however uk pilots come over every winter and fly in the US on N reg aircraft, my friend does it so i know its true, based in Detroit i believe. Its a wet lease from a UK Charter for 5 months or so, good money too, happens in Canada as well, I've done that, same deal. Maybe things are not as tight in the labour laws as they should be?

31st Aug 2004, 19:57

Actually, the IPA blocked the USAir pilots working for BA EOG in 1995, through government lobbying. Balpa, were not opposed to the deal!

31st Aug 2004, 22:19
HighandWide that's how I remember it too, and - to BALPA's ever lasting shame - the IPA had several other such successes on this 'flagging-out' issue ( all whilst BALPA did sweet FA, yet continued to take their members subs ! ).

1st Sep 2004, 02:44
High and Wide, you're absolutely right, I acknowledge my error. BALPA were certainly in favour of the deal initially, but I thought they had changed their views subsequently.

Yet another BALPA-BA EOG success following the Dan-Air debacle, now there is a sore point - and rightly so.

Thanks for the link to the web site Halfnut.

Ignition Override
1st Sep 2004, 05:08
Big Bus Boy: We've seen a few A-321s in DTW and MKE, which have a very small "European" flag by the aft door(s). These planes are some sort of lease by/to Ryan Air, from what I was told. They seem to operate non-stop to Cancun, Mexico.

Chatted once with the cabin crew at a gate in MKE. They wore young, good-looking and all wore yellow scarves. The Lead Pursuer kept quiet for a few moments when I asked her in her native language (remember yellow scarf...) where she was from (a bit suspicious or awkward?), then slowly admitted that she lived in a city which is near the Rhine River. :suspect:

Hasta la vista.

1st Sep 2004, 07:52
So is there any truth in the secondary rumour that Virgin will take a large holding in America West, and turn that into Virgin America?

cheers ;)


1st Sep 2004, 08:56
I suspect after the result of the mess of taking over a basket case airline the first time ('Worst mistake I ever made'- Virgin Express) SRB isn't going to let it happen again.

As for Virgin SFOs in SFO, I case of wishful thinking I think.

1st Sep 2004, 15:57
Ryan Air (US version NOT Ireland's version) have been bringing narrow body Airbusses in from Europe for a few years, they used to use Airtours aircraft out of the UK, (dry leased I think). Also, Apple Vacations out of NYC used C-reg Canada 3000 A320's to fly US-Carribean routes (definitely Canadian crews). I also saw a G-reg Britannia B737 in Hawaii with Aloha Airlines markings, and that was way back in 1989, (Aloha crews operating domestic US).