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30th Aug 2004, 08:02
Can any of you guys either tell me, or tell me where I can find information defining the aircraft performance groups ie. what is a perf A aircraft, perf B etc? The ANO and General Regs provide plent of info. on the rules applicable to the groups, but don't appear to provide the rest of the required info. Any help appreciated.

Occasional Aviator
30th Aug 2004, 09:08

Have you tried UK AIP? I know that there is a section in the UK Military AIP giving performance groups for military aircraft (Mil AIP available at cost from No 1 AIDU at RAF Northolt - they have a web site). Or you could try lookin at the NATS website (sorry, don't have a URL)

30th Aug 2004, 09:30
Performance Group A

All multi-engine turbo-jet and all multi-engine turbo-prop with more than 9 seats or with MTOW > 5,700kg

Performance Group B

All propeller driven aircraft with less than 9 seats or MTOW
< 5,700kg

Performance Group C

All piston engine aircraft with more than 9 seats or MTOW > 5,700kg

Group C is not included in the ATPL or CPL theory exams.

Hope this helps

30th Aug 2004, 11:04
SF1145....cheers, that helps, any info. on groups D,E,F,X etc. all referred to in gen. regs?

30th Aug 2004, 13:01
I believe all these groups which were covered in the domestic regulation are now obsolete under JAR because A,B and C cover all possible types.

30th Aug 2004, 14:41
Many thanks for the help