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27th Aug 2004, 09:48
Hi all,
forgive my basic question, but it's my understanding that on a A32X the flap 3 config is mostly used on high speed approaches(?!). What is an high speed approach, and when it is used?



27th Aug 2004, 10:35
If Flap 3 is used it will GIVE you a higher approach speed.
It is also the recommended setting if CB/frontal windshear is expected-more speed in hand.
Hope this helps!

27th Aug 2004, 19:47
If you look at the QRH for O/weight landings you will see that it directs you to 03.05.35 which will lead you to ONLY select Config 3 for the O/wt landing case..
Also some operators are reverting to config 3 in the single eng'landing case,for better go/around perf'(there's a note
there in the NPA case)
All pointing to the higher approach speed case(5knots?):ok: