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19th Aug 2004, 17:44
posted 19th August 2004 16:40

Dear All,

I am currently conducting research into Loss of Situational Awareness amongst aircrew. This research is the basis for my dissertation for the award of an MSc in Air Safety Management, and will also (I hope) give a valuable insight into the rate of LOSA incidents amongst professional aircrew as a result of over-reliance on Automatic Flight Systems.

I have a short confidential questionnaire and any of you in the commercial aviation community who may have experienced a LOSA incident as a result of Technology Suprises, Mode Confusion or other attributable factors, I would be most grateful if you would contact me by Private Message or email in order that I may send you an electronic version to complete.

I reiterate that all submitted responses will be dis-identified, and all references to airports, airlines, operators or individuals will be deleted.

Thanks all!