View Full Version : B737-300/500 EIFS bug setting SOP's

19th Aug 2004, 13:02
G'day guys,

Subject: non normal operations chapter 6 FCTM 737 October 31, 2002, flight Control Page 6.8

It’s say on this page:

737-300 – 737-500
“For non normal landings, position two white reference airspeed bugs at VREF and single white reference airspeed bugs at the flap 5 maneuvering speed and flap up maneuvering speed”.

I have some questions on this practice, has it ever been used or is this a mistake from Boeing. In the sim we have never used this SOP, is this a Boeing one?? I thought always the standard bug setting for non normal landings (eg engine out, HYD sys A and B etc…..) was two white airspeed bugs at VREF for landing flaps and single white airspeed bug at VREF + 15 speed and the flaps up maneuvering speed. So what is the reason why Boeing mentions two different bug setting policies in the FCTM???????