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SG Walker
18th Sep 2001, 05:21
Well, that's according to this anyway:

The Grauniad (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uklatest/story/0,1271,-1178828,00.html)

No real substantiation offered though.

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18th Sep 2001, 23:26
This is a serious question, please no replies from nutters or wind up merchants.

I had a Lebanese student some four years ago at a London flying school.

Brief summary - Late 20's, very keen to learn but with no real aptitude, worked in a bar in London but could still afford to learn to fly. Lost interest after 9 months or so, didn't finish ppl course.

On the face of it he was a lovely bloke, am I wrong to be suspicious and possibly drop an innocent guy in the ****? I have to say at no point did he exhibit any dodgy characteristics (but what do I know?)However if he was in some way involved....

I would really, really appreciate some thoughts and or moral support, preferably by email rather than the bulletin board.

We've got to do something!!

19th Sep 2001, 00:11
Gentlemen, this is getting rediculous and plain depressing. A man should be judged by his fruit (what he conveys about himself towards you) not what "you" may think of him, his colour, nationality or religion. Rid yourselves of this stupid stereotypes, please!

I trained with a Lebanese chap, again more interested in getting up to FL100 rather than studying (or even thinking). Had a nasty habit of spending money and lots of it, without knowing when and where. He was a bit of a nutter too, got involved in incredibly stupid things (that could've been avoided had he completed the checklist's) - What! should I be suspicious of him too?

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19th Sep 2001, 14:45
I am sure they thought Rosmary West was a nice lady too...

You are right to be suspicious.

The innocent have nothing to fear. They will not mind being questioned.

19th Sep 2001, 20:42
Some of the postings are getting or are on the verge of racism. We must be all looking back and seeing if we trained with anyone Arabic and having doubts about them... please stop this ,has we will be tarnishing everyone with the same brush.

Tim Mcveigh was the guy who bombed a building .... were all white men suddenly under suspicion of becoming terrorists...I don't think so.

Just think of the people who trained these sicko's and how they must be feeling . How in the hell must they have known. What has let them down is the CIA and FBI (Not to mention the sick Bas$%^ds who funded this act).

Please let's have sensible debates !