View Full Version : BMI Fokker emergency landing at LHR

14th Aug 2004, 20:39
Does anyone know anymore about this....
apparently a Fokker 100 had an emergency landing this evening at LHR. All pax were put in full brace position due to a problem with the a/c brakes.....
anyone know any more??

why oh why does midland have these planes?!!

14th Aug 2004, 20:56
Not sure what happened but I saw them disembarking pax onto busses whilst the a/c was still on the runway which is unusual so something fairly major must have occured - it's not often that they need to do that.

A/c was surrounded by the usual emergency/airfield ops vehicles but non had blue lights flashing which usually signifies all is ok from the emergencies I've seen before.

A/c can't have been on the runway for too long as when I got to the staff car park about 30-40 mins later, a/c were lining up for finals again on 27L.


14th Aug 2004, 21:53
Saw the said A/C come into 27L whilst driving round towards T4. Was a little supprised to still see it on the RW up by the T5 contruction area! Around about the same time arrivals moved over to 27R so I'd assume it closed the RW. Apart from that, don't know much else!

Quod Boy
15th Aug 2004, 00:30
Why oh why do BMi have F100s.......

Coz they are cheap.Thats why,why did they have ATPs in late 80s??

Well done to all,concerned,they really dont have a clue,what the flt deck,and cabin crew do,in Toad Hall,never did,never will.

Good effort,nonetheless,max respect.

15th Aug 2004, 00:52
Quod Boy... and others...

What us your point? Are u suggesting that the F-100 is somehow unsafe? (or just Bmi F-100's?). A number of other carriers also use F-100's (eg KLM, Air Belin, Eujet etc).
I'm not a journo, but if i was then maybe I might sieze on your remarks and try to cook up a story.....

15th Aug 2004, 08:11
BMI F100s I, for one, am extremely grateful for!

Earlier this month, due solely to poor flying in our cockpit (speed control adherence), we got close to a BMI F100 on App to 09L.

The Tower man, no doubt extremely confused as to "why" he was presented with 2 aircraft so close asked the BMI to vacate "ASAP". He somehow got off at the first exit (!), for which we, and tower expressed our gratitude, and we did not have to GA (which we thoroughly deserved to do).

Quite how he explained to his PAX the carrier like deceleration, followed by a very long taxi in, I do not know;) Especially as we shot past them as we landed and of course, vacated in front of them :confused:

Suitable debrief followed in our cockpit as well :eek:

15th Aug 2004, 10:44
N.O.D. Thanks for that, I'm sure the Fokker boys at wk do appreciate some compliments, they don't get huge no's of them at the mo...

We were coming into LAM and thought we might get an orbit or such like,and then were presented with single R/W ops,and EAT's, charming ! When we got down finally, (not too bad abt 20-25mins at LAM, could have been worse) spoke to our Eng, who was trying to avoid going out onto 27L where the Fokker was still parked, he filled us in.It had a gear unsafe/in transit indication, (not sure of exact Fokker terminology), so they did the emergency extension procedure, and (I think) a low pass and G/A to check, and then landed. However the gear doors stayed down, and on the Fokker are quite low to the ground, so it took quite a bit of time to sort them out, get the gear pins in,so that the a/c could be towed off 27L. When we departed abt an hr later ( 2010G) delays were back to almost normal.

Most impt thing, all OK, but I'm sure the pax (and crew !) could have done w/out that on their Sat night ... :bored:

15th Aug 2004, 20:54
The F100 landing gear system is equipped with something called proximity switches!

As far as i can remember there is two prox switches for each
ldg door, ldg gear etc, it is not uncommon for these switches to fail or just cause trouble, specially in wintertime.

I am not saying that these swithes was causing the trouble this time but i would not be surprised if they was!

Otherwise i would say that the F100 is a very nice aircraft from a pilots view.


15th Aug 2004, 21:34
Blimey! First I heard of this!
I'll see what I can find out tomorrow as i work for bmi and am on airport standby. The Fokker crew are fantastic and i'm sure all went to plan! Although everyone slags off the Fokker, it's not that bad. Granted it's a bit rough around the edges, but I never have a problem when I fly on it. I think it has character!!!

Baron rouge
24th Aug 2004, 14:05
To be more pecise KIWI 1 , on a Fokker 100 when you put the gear down on the standby circuit, not only the main gear doors touch the ground on landing (but its normal and they have a worning pad which prevent these doors to destroy), but more importantely you loose ground steering.

The trick beeing to take a fast exit, and stop there waiting the technicians to put those doors back up.

24th Aug 2004, 22:45
but its normal and they have a worning pad which prevent these doors to destroy
While in theory (perfectly flat runways without centerline light bumps) these work perfectly ok, I noticed that in practice (at least at the Dutch operator I worked for) after an alternate gear down landing both of them were still replaced as they were usually damaged and sometimes even distorted beyond repair :(

25th Aug 2004, 16:53
Or the doors were removed and aircraft released without them.
Max IAS 200. Thats it...


26th Aug 2004, 05:47
Quod Boy... and others...

What us your point? Are u suggesting that the F-100 is somehow unsafe? (or just Bmi F-100's?). A number of other carriers also use F-100's (eg KLM, Air Belin, Eujet etc).
A "number of other carriers" have superb maintenance personnel, superb maintenance facilities, correct levels of maintenance staffing, adequate timescales for job completion, adequate spares holdings, excellent staff training and an organised management and company structure.