View Full Version : searching some info about ACARS in 737ng

14th Aug 2004, 04:47
i've just compeleted my tansition training and flied 737ng for 2 months, but i still can not understand and use the ACARS entirely.for exemple,in the landing report,there are four vertical acceleration recorded called "6 4 2 0" acompany with every single recording secord,what does "6 4 2 0" mean?
i asked our engineers but there were nothing more than i've got.so anybody can show me a way to study it? looking for it...

17th Aug 2004, 16:01
The ACARS system is pretty much up to the operator to program, that means there is no such thing as an universal manual.

There should be somebody in your company with access to the programming tool being able to help you out....