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7th Aug 2004, 23:50
SIA has commenced ultra long haul ops (18 hours+)with the L/R Airbus. They carry a tech crew of 2 Capts and 2 F/O's.
It is reported that there is a bunk and reclining chair provided as pilot rest facility.
Can anyone verify the actual pilot crew rest location & configuration and is it known what the pilots think of it ?
Is it better than the "dog kennel" that posed as crew rest on their B747-300's ?

Capt Fathom
8th Aug 2004, 04:20
What the B777 got to do with the question about SIA Airbus Ops?

8th Aug 2004, 06:32
Who mentioned the B777?:confused:

Capt. J
8th Aug 2004, 06:54
HotDog, I posted an article about 777 but because it's not really related to this thread I deleted it.

Click here (http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/159569_crewrest06.html)
for a RELATED article. Sorry for posting the incorrect info before robinmcg1 and Capt Fathom


8th Aug 2004, 07:45
Used to do that years ago on CL44s that could fly for 18hrs. A 'heavy'crew consisted of 1 Capt (there can only be one captain!) 2 FOs and 2PFEs , plus generally a nav and a loadmaster. Accomodation was two large bunks and a treble seat in the area behind the flight deck. It was possible to get a good few hours sleep, lulled by the drone of the props, and wake refreshed to get back in the seat for an approach and landing.

Half a Mexican
8th Aug 2004, 09:11
Here is a picture:


According to the photographer it has: "2 jumpseats, 1 reclining seat (shown) and a bunk bed (in stowed position on the right wall). The bunk is equipped with a full IFE system, ethernet port and laptop power supply."

Dunno how that compares to their 743's


Link now fixed.

8th Aug 2004, 13:12
What you see in the photo is only half the story.
For Ultra-longhaul, the standard FCRC (flight crew rest compartment) behind the flight deck is not large enough for 2 pilots to get recuperative crew rest, so the FCRC only has facilities for one pilot. There are further facilities for a second pilot in the BCRC (Bulk crew rest compartment). The BCRC typically has 8 bunks for cabin crew in one compartment, and a seperate compartment has a seat and a bunk for the second pilot - similarly equipped to the FCRC pictured.

The BCRC is so called because it is located where the bulk cargo compartment typically would be located (aft of the Rear cargo compartment, and is accessed by a stairhouse just forward of the rear galley complex.

9th Aug 2004, 13:59
Maybe I'm naive, but is it a good idea to publicise where certain crew members might be a various times in a flight?

11th Aug 2004, 02:16
I can confirm the picture in Half a Mexican's link is correct and the seat and bunk are quite comfortable and IFE an added bonus. In addition the walls of the compartment are double skinned to keep out noise from the fwd galley and there are humidifiers fitted in both flight crew rest areas.