View Full Version : Loss of signal garmin gps 3

Master Red Cylinder
4th Aug 2004, 16:28
I recently purchased an antenna extension cable, and to my surprise the aquisition of satellites is very slow and very weak on my garmin gps 3. HAs anyone got a reason or has experience on this?

5th Aug 2004, 06:44
Does it work Ok without the antenna extension cable?

If so, it could be the cable that's at fault. I know this is stating the obvious but might be worth a try.

Assuming that it doesn't work ok without antenna extension then I would suggest trying a different antenna. GPS antennas are complex things and do fail from time to time.

Would be surprised if it is a fault in the unit itself - if one channel had gone down then could understand it, but for every channel to cause a problem is unusual.

Good luck!