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28th Jul 2004, 09:45
An engine fire as occured in Fco this morning B767 East african !
Was direct to zanzibar .
No injury!!!
Apparently no problem at all!!!

28/07/2004 - 09:18
Atterraggio di emergenza a Fiumicino per un aereo della East African

Atterraggio di emergenza a Roma Fiumicino per un Boeing 767 della East African diretto a Zanzibar via Malpensa. La causa č l’incendio a uno dei motori. Sull'aereo viaggiavano 150 passeggeri, rimasti illesi. Il pilota ha spento le fiamme azionando i dispositivi di emergenza di bordo

keel beam
31st Jul 2004, 10:23
A few days back an East African Boeing 767 suffered a fire in the left engine (GE engine). Apparently this was caused by a fuel leak. I do not have any more details. FCO is not having much luck lately.

31st Jul 2004, 10:44
Could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time, but I thought the EASA B767 aircraft were PW4060 powered

keel beam
31st Jul 2004, 10:59
My mistake, they are PW's hard to tell from a distance!

4th Aug 2004, 02:24
their licence to fly are suspended up to....i on't knw ...forever or for a period...they are not flying and all flights are roprotected with Lauda or L$...FRI evening they canx 1st flight to Mba. someone reprotected on swiss, other on sunday with PE, L4 ...I don't know if they will regain licences, but for now they are grounded :ooh:

PE (not L$) and L4

4th Aug 2004, 10:13
Any chance that you have any further information on this? Source etc.



5th Aug 2004, 11:29
Not on having the Italy licence suspended, but here's an article about a squabble between airline mgmt and their owners: