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Haulin' Trash
3rd Aug 2001, 18:27
Rumours abound that James Hogan, Chief Operating Officer has been terminated. Any info out there?

3rd Aug 2001, 18:34
Gee being made redundant is bad enough, but to be terminated... they don't mess about those bmi types... :eek:

3rd Aug 2001, 19:33
"James Hogan and Peter Rowe have left the company for personal reasons to pursue other business interests and their positions of Chief Operating Officer and Service Director respectively will lapse."

Son Of Piltdown
3rd Aug 2001, 19:46
I suppose this is bmi-speak for not getting on with the Boss?

Don't suppose the definitive account will be published.

To qoute Ali Gee:

'de is not unemployed! De jus prob'ly wants time to chill, man'

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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3rd Aug 2001, 20:49
It seems as though folk come and go with alarming regularity in these positions.

I was trying to add up the number of Chief Pilots and Operations Directors I've seen come and go but, alas, I've run out of fingers.


Electric Sky
3rd Aug 2001, 21:34

My thoughts exactly .... they will be running out of baskets to catch the rolling heads at the current rate!! :(

3rd Aug 2001, 22:10
It would appear that most of the people associated with Hogan have either left or moved within the company. What conclusions are we to draw from this?? Does it represent a change for the better or worse ? :confused:

Mr Angry from Purley
3rd Aug 2001, 22:26
:mad: Must be catching as Airtours M.D. recently "retired", then suddenlynot there anymore :mad:

3rd Aug 2001, 22:30
Should we be worried about this or should we rejoice?


Big Buddha
3rd Aug 2001, 22:35
I was at a welcoming chat given by this bloke a couple of years ago and came out of it thinking that he was very smooth but lacking any loyalty to what he does, continually moving from job to job (check out his past history), doing only eighteen months or so before moving on.
So I'm not surprised he has gone, but has he achieved anything?

3rd Aug 2001, 22:41
Situation normal then at Midland,he should have looked at those who have come and gone before him.Hire,and fire,I believe is an expression that comes to mind,if you dont tow the line.
Why did he go I wonder,principle,lack of credibility or money,his predecessors have in most cases risen remarkably unscathed from the ashes. :rolleyes:

Busta Level
3rd Aug 2001, 23:51
Ahhh well,

They come, they go, and all remains the same. i.e. Pants.....



250 kts
4th Aug 2001, 00:21
Any airline fancy taking on a NATS Chief Exec that's managed to screw up the UK ATC system and hence give you lot the c**p service this year?

4th Aug 2001, 05:05
I know it shouldn't amaze me, but it always does. These guys define themselves as men of vision, and woe betide anyone who displays even a little cynism towards their almost evangelical leadership. Then wadda ya know? next minute they're off! Why anyone thinks we should take them seriously I'll never know. Meanwhile, plus ca change...... :rolleyes:

4th Aug 2001, 10:03
A moving target is harder to miss!!!

4th Aug 2001, 10:33
The day it's not 'The Dawn of a New Era' at BMI - I'll start worrying!!
But the fact is - it always is!!
Just keep out of the politics and you will find your wages paid every month, fantastic people to work with, shiny new jets..........

OK, OK there's crap about - but if there's any job out there that hasn't got any please tell us all!!

4th Aug 2001, 19:16
James Hogan worked in BM Management before in the late 90`s, can not remember as what through. He left, and returned in the position of Chief Ops Officer, now going again. :rolleyes: maybe back a 3rd time with the offer of more dosh!

5th Aug 2001, 13:57
I don't think Hogan will be back, and I doubt whether he'll be missed among the pilot community.

5th Aug 2001, 15:40
Or to put it another way, anyone crying over his departure is just shedding Crocodile tears. :cool: :cool:

5th Aug 2001, 17:51
I think he had something to do with catering in the mid 90s


Max Angle
6th Aug 2001, 00:37
I also remember Hogan's smooth and smarmy introduction, I took an instant dislike to him there and then. He promised much and delivered very little which looking at the rest of the board may not have been all his fault. He never sounded sincere to me and it was obvious he would not stay. Good riddance!

6th Aug 2001, 01:19
Whilst JH may not have been popular with the pilots he did oversee considerable change in bmi. My guess is that something BIG is going down right now, details to follow over the next few weeks.

7th Aug 2001, 21:10
I see that JH is still featured on the bmi website!

Either I'm getting too old for this game or ex-directors are getting younger and younger.

Back to my basket!!


8th Aug 2001, 13:05
Oh well! It won't effect us much now will it?
Management will still ignore the fact the company have 5 146s. We will still do the job and nothing will change except the articles in Plain Talking.
Back on your heads boys! (& Girls)

Haulin' Trash
8th Aug 2001, 14:38
More rumours abound that Bishop is about to sell out. LH to take a bigger stake? What do you all hear?

Son Of Piltdown
8th Aug 2001, 22:54
Definitive piece from today's FT:-