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Lunar Jetman
15th Dec 1999, 19:51
I am considering taking the FI course at Wycombe in the new year. Does anybody have any positive/negative comments on the place/course/etc?

Much appreciated, LJ

15th Dec 1999, 23:42
With BA Flying Club or WAC?

Lunar Jetman
16th Dec 1999, 15:28
WAC...I have their brochure blurb, though comments on the BA school would be just as welcome.

Ta, LJ

16th Dec 1999, 23:53
If Terry Gill is involved he is 'old school' and very thorough, but a nice bloke and easy to get on with - enjoy. Nice part of the world to fly around too. Do not know anything about the FI course that the BA flying club are offering, apart from the fact that the 'BA Flying Club' have nothing whatsover to do with the 'real' BA!

Captain Airclues
17th Dec 1999, 14:34
<<'BA Flying Club have nothing whatsoever to do with the 'real' BA>>
Apart from the airfield lease being owned by BA, the managing director being a BA 777 pilot, the aircraft being owned by BA (in BA colours) and the staff having BA staff numbers. (All through Airways Aero Association).

Both WAC and BA offer excellent courses. The only problem with Wycombe is that, because of noise restricions, you will see an awful lot of the Buckinghamshire countryside during each circuit.


17th Dec 1999, 23:41
Yes maybe, but I was told by that very club a few years ago that they are not part of BA!

So airclues, exactly what is 'Airways Aero Association'? It obviously is not a BA only flying club, so what's the rap?

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17th Dec 1999, 23:47
I remember now, it was in the BA news where I got the info saying they are not part of BA! :)

18th Dec 1999, 01:10
They're also very expensive due to the number of paid admin staff they have pecking away on computers. There are much better places some miles further west on the A40 if you know to whom to talk. And that just doesn't mean at Kidlington or Staverton........

Lunar Jetman
20th Dec 1999, 15:39
Many thanks for the replies.

BEagle, would you care to spill the beans on these clubs or point me in the direction of who I should be talking to?