View Full Version : For all Middle East Based Expatriates

Dropp the Pilot
17th Sep 2001, 13:23
If you want to take the first steps in the 'war against terrorism', may I suggest the following.

The people who carried out this atrocity were insane with hatred and they hope to transfer the virus to us all.

It is urgent in the extreme that we demonstrate to our Muslim colleagues that these lunatics have failed dismally to get to us. Can I suggest that over the next weeks or months that every time you meet someone local that you look them in the eye, greet them in the traditional manner, and make absolutely certain they know we from the West feel that all SANE people are in this together, no matter what their faith or race.

17th Sep 2001, 14:20
Slightly off topic, but so is my reply :)

USA Today polls suggest that 49% of Americans want ALL Arab/Americans to be forced to carry around ID cards permanantly.

79% want all Arabs (whether American or not) to go through special checks at airports.

Now THATS scary.

17th Sep 2001, 14:49
And smart.