View Full Version : Unions consider ballot of BA staff for strike action

16th Jul 2004, 17:28
Following Rod's management briefing this afternoon there is news that the TGWU, Amicus and GMB have all registed a formal failure to agree following discussions on the pay deal. In addition, TGWU "considering balloting members on strike action".

So - how long before the actual strike?

18th Jul 2004, 03:12
With the parts 'computer' problems that BA apparently has, it would be a good time for employees to strike, as aircraft may be grounded anyway.

Really good planning from the unions' perspective...:p :p :p :uhoh:

18th Jul 2004, 05:12
What is this strike actually about?? I've not heard anything about it! Could be cause I've been on leave for 2 weeks. Just wondering anyway. Who's it gonna effect, what's its cause?

18th Jul 2004, 07:46
They want a 4.5% pay rise this year - BA have offered 2% this year plus 1% next year and the year after as a "take it or leave it" 3 year deal.