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12th Jul 2004, 00:12
Easyjet emergency landing, Belfast - Liverpool route. Apparantely full scale alert, hospitals and everything in Belfast. Any news?

12th Jul 2004, 00:57

100 passengers in air emergency
From correspondents in Belfast
A FLIGHT for British budget airline Easyjet made an emergency landing in Belfast today, but none of the 100 passengers on board was hurt, airport officials said.

Emergency services were put on stand-by after the Boeing 737 reported a breakdown in the hydraulic system of its landing gear on a flight from Liverpool, England.

"The passengers were disembarked in the normal way down the steps," said airport spokeswoman Debbie Matchett.

"They were taken into arrivals and offered medical assistance if they wanted to talk to anyone, if they felt in shock after the experience.

"Thankfully it all went well and they all landed safely."

Technicians later said the plane had been leaking hydraulic fluid.

12th Jul 2004, 19:50
So another technical non-normal situation, handled in a seemingly professional and successful manner, well done to all concerned.

End of story!

12th Jul 2004, 20:00
Apparently Air Force 1 had a flap problem....................................

Is this a conspiracy..........don't tell the Sun!!!

12th Jul 2004, 21:57
Here we go again...the usual educated responses. I'm sure there are plenty of 737 pilots / engineers / pax who are interested.

Does the first 'P' in PPRUNE stand for 'pompous', by any chance??? Seems that way these days.

Echo Zulu Yankee
13th Jul 2004, 11:46
Well Said Pax-Man!

I personally think alot of people will be interested, No matter who they fly for or what they fly. The only shame of these kind of threads is that they very often contain little information on the incident and tens of posts all stating "Why do you bother, you are obviously a journo" and "yet another pilot bashing thread"
OR just as worse is "Hero pilot saves millions of lives as he valiantly steers his death trap jumbo jet away from schools, assylum seekers and nuns while battling with a, possibly sabotaged by osama himself, blown lightbuld in the rear bog!"

Keep the rumours coming! But please try and stick to the matter in hand eh people?


P.S It wernt me! Honest Guv! :ugh:

17th Jul 2004, 20:37
Unfortunate the passengers were so traumatised they had to have medical attention.

The crew were deemed so hardy and resilient after their experience that they were sent straight back to Liverpool to operate to Palma and back, getting home about 3.30am.

Good to see EZY remains utterly committed to its staff's welfare.

17th Jul 2004, 21:40
The pax were OFFERED medical treatment - standard procedure. No-one said they were traumatised.

If a newspaper had said that, somone would jump down their throats!

Delta Wun-Wun
18th Jul 2004, 10:24
With a full scale emergency the Emergency Services do turn out on mass. And then resume normal just after the aircraft lands. So god forbid that anything went wrong with the aircraft on landing they are already there and not a few minutes drive away. Anyway how many hydraulic systems does a 737 have anyway??

Think this demonstrates just how safe Commercial aviation is, just another day at the office.

19th Jul 2004, 12:59
Sounds to me like a job well done. Nice one chaps.

22nd Jul 2004, 15:01
Thanks for the correction FlapsOne. Anything more to add about the shameful treatment of the crew?