View Full Version : Humberside Airport Bomb Scare

11th Jul 2004, 00:38
Routeing north bound from somewhere below 50N today, heard ATC informing a My Travel aircraft (?) inbound to Humberside; that the airfield was closed and to check holding fuel and alternates.

ATC then informed said aircraft that ATC Tower and the
Terminal building were being evacuated.

Anyone with any more info on this one ???

11th Jul 2004, 00:47
10 Jul, 2004, 16:40

Humberside Airport has reopened this evening, after a bomb scare closed the building for three and a half hours.

A suspicious package was found by a member of staff next to the terminal building at twenty five past eleven this morning.

The nearby A18 was closed and the building was evacuated

An army bomb disposal unit was called in, but the parcel turned out to be harmless.

Although planes were allowed to land, no-one could get off during the scare and flights are still delayed.