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17th Sep 2001, 06:34
FAA has announced today that off-line jumpseats are temporarily disallowed.
Hopefully we pilots will rally in support of the safety-enhancing aspects of the jumpseat.

17th Sep 2001, 07:53
What I know:

Immediately after the attacks UPS and FedEx stopped all off-line jumpseats. I was able to jumpseat from Tokyo to Anchorage on a Northwest freighter on Thursday.

I talked to the Alaska Airlines folks at the terminal in Barrow. They said that they were waiting for the official paperwork to come down but they were still taking off-line jumpseats as of this evening.

Does anyone have any more info? The big questions are "For how long?" and "How can they take away something that the industry depends on?"

18th Sep 2001, 06:00
Alaska Airlines has not suspended jumpseats. However additional identification is required, i.e., medical along with DL and or passport.

18th Sep 2001, 07:08
Now my union has revealed that they jumped the gun on the announcement that I passed on (FAA bans jumpseats). Very sorry for propogating the misinformation. The union does say now, though, that changes to the jumpseat are in the pipeline and we should be prepared.

18th Sep 2001, 07:48
September 17, 2001
1800 Central Time

At the present time SWA, DAL, AWA and Jet Blue all still have their off-line JS's open. Southwest Airlines has suspended jumpseat access for all non-FAR 121 carriers temporarily.

18th Sep 2001, 23:22
(Latest as of 09/18/01 0100CDT)


Air Canada
Air Net Express
Air Tran
Air Transport Intl (ATI)
American Airlines
American Eagle
Comair (accepting DL, ASA, Comair)
Express Airlines I
Spirit (but will carry unlimited offline pilots in the cabin!)

Accepting offline jumpseaters:

Air Wisconsin
America West
American Trans Air
Atlantic Coast
Big Sky
Express One Intl.
Midwest Express
Peninsula Airways
Ryan International
Southwest, FAR 121 only
Sun Country

19th Sep 2001, 07:42
Lists here are NOT current any more, and should not be relied upon.

Contact your union or company representatives for the latest updates.

19th Sep 2001, 08:20
I only fly for a small regional but I while still except all jumpseaters on my airplane, anytime, no matter what your companies current policies are!

19th Sep 2001, 08:45
September 18, 2001

*** 2100 Central Time

SWAPA just received word that per FAA directive, all offline cockpit jumpseat riders are no longer authorized by any air carrier. The only personnel authorized to occupy the cockpit jumpseat are FAA Inspectors, NTSB personnel on official business, and the air carrier's employees or subsidiary's employees.

Southwest Airlines has agreed to allow offline jumpseat riders to occupy the cabin on a space available basis. Once details of this policy are worked out, it will be distributed.

19th Sep 2001, 09:10
If you are outraged at the loss of off-line jumpseats send a message to the FAA.

[email protected]

20th Sep 2001, 01:00
The directive only applies to the carriage of OAL jumpseaters on the jumpseat itself. Most carriers are interpreting this to mean that cabin seats are OK. Sould still be a problem if flights become full again.

20th Sep 2001, 01:14
What's the situation with UK domestic carriers regarding jumpseats?? I've been priviliged to have had quite a few on BE, BMA, and even BA flights as a PAX (well, PPL student with 10 hours to go in reality), but is this going to be clamped down on for anyone other than those known to the flightdeck/crew etc?? As much as I adore sitting up front, I can appreciate the gravity of the situation, in that although I'm female and disabled, that doesn't count me out for being a problem up front if I was so inclined (which I'm most definitely not, and those who know me know that!).

Up until this, I'd actually wanted to fly jumpseat on as many different carriers as possible, - unfortunately looks unlikely now. Can someone just clarify any new situation regarding PAX during flight for this purpose.

bagpuss lives
20th Sep 2001, 02:16
All of our familiarisation jumpseat rides with a whole host of UK airlines have been cancelled UFN :(

21st Sep 2001, 21:22
What a barmy over-reaction, just like banning overflying London.
As far as I know, there has never been a ase of a hijack by anyone who asked for the jumpseat or a pax asking to visit the flight deck.

Matt Vinyl
22nd Sep 2001, 01:32
TikkiRo - UK CAA have just issued amendment to ANO which prohibits any passenger from sitting in jumpseat or even visiting flight deck. Only exceptions are immediate family of crew or company personnel. Maybe you could contact them to arrange special dispensation.

Hoverman - you perhaps never heard about Fedex flight engineer who attacked crew with a hammer while taking jumpseat ride. Heard his plan was to fly into fedex HQ to pay them back for sacking him. Not sure about all the details. :confused:

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22nd Sep 2001, 02:07
>>Hoverman - you perhaps never heard about Fedex flight engineer who attacked crew with a hammer while taking jumpseat ride. Heard his plan was to fly into fedex HQ to pay them back for sacking him. Not sure about all the details.<<

That was the infamous case of Auburn Calloway. Of course, Auburn claimed that he was a victim of "racial profiling" and that the crew actually attacked him in a racist assault. He also complained that he was not properly evacutated from the aircraft - he was tossed down the slide after trying to kill the crew rather than being carried down on a stretcher. He apparently intended to crash the DC-10 into the FedEx afternoon sort in MEM. He had the usual suicide note, recent insurance policy etc.

Here's one of many accounts of the incident that may be found online:

"The FAA document and news reports on the incident paint the following picture if this April 7, 1994 event. Auburn Calloway, an off duty Federal Express second officer, was riding in a courier seat outside the cockpit of a Federal Express DC-10. Calloway was the lone passenger on this Memphis to San Jose flight. Shortly after takeoff, Calloway entered the flight deck and attacked the crew with a pair of hammers. During the ensuing bloody struggle, the first officer and flight engineer were able to force Calloway out of the cockpit while the captain put the aircraft through a series of extreme dives and turns in an effort to knock Calloway off balance. For a short time, the aircraft was on autopilot as the crew attempted to get Calloway out of the cockpit. The captain was able to return the aircraft safely to Memphis while the other two crew members continued the struggle all the way to the ground. All of the occupants were injured, and only the captain escaped serious injury.

The attack was apparently planned. Calloway also had other weapons - a spear gun, a hunting knife, and two other hammers - on the aircraft. There was also a note that indicated that Calloway intended to commit suicide. Calloway's attack also occurred one day before a scheduled personnel hearing with his superiors, reportedly concerning allegations of false information on his job application. Calloway is currently a long term resident of a federal corrections facility. "


26th Sep 2001, 08:40
Results of my phone calls to airlines in the past 24 hours:

UPS - no offline jumpseaters
Alaska - no offline jumpseaters (though was told by a crew that they were trying to make arrangements to allow them in the back)
Northwest - no offline jumpseaters on the freighters - no word on pax planes

Does anyone know of where we can get definitive answers on who is allowing what?

26th Sep 2001, 09:07
September 24, 2001

The following are the only airlines that we are aware of that ARE allowing offline Jumpseat riders to occupy cabin only jumpseats.

AirNet Express
Air Tran
American Trans Air
America West
Atlantic Coast
Atlantic Southeast
Big Sky
Express Airlines I
Express One International
Midwest Express
Ryan International
Sun Country
Trans States

A and C
26th Sep 2001, 12:09
Perhaps i should point out to the europeans that in the USA the jumpseat is used by all FAR121 crews to get around it is not uncommon to be based in say detroit and have your home in atlanta because you just show up at the gate with your airline ID and ride at no cost ,the system was good for all airline crew on almost all airlines.

So perhaps now you can see why this is a big issue to the americans ,and perhaps as we further intigrate and become the united states of europe we should look at such a system to enable european crews the freedom of movment that pilots in the USA have.

27th Sep 2001, 07:13

Where are you getting this info? Is it just what has been passed on to you? Thanks alot. It helps alot.

27th Sep 2001, 09:29

This is from my union.

SWAPA - Southwest Airlines Pilot Association

29th Sep 2001, 08:38
Sounds like Alaska will soon be allowing "jumpseaters" to ride in the back on a stand-by basis. Was told by some gate agents that they were waiting on the official word on paper. That's where we prefer to sit anyway, right? And, anyway, sadly, it appears that there are going to be alot of empty seats back there for awhile.

TR4A - can anyone get this info from SWAPA's site? Any other source you can think of?

Anyone heard about United, Northwest (pax AND freighter), UPS or FedEx?

30th Sep 2001, 03:29
As CLF, I've been privileged to be in the jump-seat on many BA (main and Chippy Fryer) sectors over the past few years. I would like to thank any BA, IB, AF, LG, SQ, VS, SA or QF pilot who has allowed an Aussie up for t/o and/or landing - I've found you all very friendly, hospitable and above all, professional. I was politely told on Friday last that it's a non-starter now. Flying regularly for business is not fun and this really relieved the tedium for me; guess I'll just get stuck into a book now.
What surprises me is that the chaps on 11 Sep killed cabin crew to get the techies to open the door - having a punter in the jump seat would have made little (if any) difference to the outcome; might have even been a positive, having an extra pair of hands to combat the intruders.
Anyway... thanks guys (and a couple of girls), I enjoyed the trips and will miss my rides up-front.