View Full Version : Airtours ship to hit the sand?

16th Sep 2001, 21:35
Heard a nasty rumour about Airtours being in trouble. Anyone shed any light?

Jack The Lad
16th Sep 2001, 21:47

Everyone is in the s*it at the moment if you hadn't noticed. Postings like yours are juvenile, pathetic and unwanted. Go get a life somewhere else.

Lots of airlines may not survive this, let's hope it's not too many

16th Sep 2001, 22:00

you utter utter utter turkey!!! Rumours like that are just destructive.

So keep your bloody opinions to your self you TURKEY!!!!!!!


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16th Sep 2001, 22:29

prove it or get lost !!

AIH aren't in any more trouble than anyone else !! in fact in my opinion they are stronger than most other charter airlines and I CAN prove it !!

once again B.ANAKIN prove it or GET LOST !!!!

16th Sep 2001, 22:53
Hmmm, it would appear that more than one here does NOT wish to face reality....

16th Sep 2001, 23:04
Take it easy fellow ppruners, this is a rumor network, right?!


16th Sep 2001, 23:12
:cool: At AIH-Everything is cool at the moment, from the horses mouth.
Like others have said, there is no truth in that rumour. :D Sorry to disappoint you.

16th Sep 2001, 23:18
Things are not looking good for any Airline but there is nothing to indicate Airtours are in any worse shape than other carriers. The tour company has always been cash rich!

16th Sep 2001, 23:23
I used to work for Laker. Heard all the same crap before he went. Didn't want to believe it either. All rumours we were told. Not saying that same situation with Airtours. Beware!
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16th Sep 2001, 23:27
Everyone should beware - but why single out Airtours - the company is financially secure!

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Mr Angry from Purley
16th Sep 2001, 23:55
Travel Trade Gazette TTG dated 17/9/01

"Analysts say Airtours at risk". City analysts warn the fallout from the US attacks could plunge Airtours into crisis. Airtours is said to be more exposed that its major rivals because of its hugh US interests. 17% of Airtours earnings before interest comes from US company TSI. It incs AutoEurope - a car rental company for americans traveling in europe - which is going to have a horrific year. It has a US and Canadian tour operation as well as a US flight consolidator and a cruise booking agency. The analyst also stated "Airtours has a lot of problems at the moment and this could be the killer blow. The Company is not popular in the City - its already struggling to make its figures. They are sitting on a time bomb". Tim Byrne MD said the Company was robust and they expected to deliver profits of around 150-160 million. "The
business is in excellent shape with lots of cash".
I hope its all a load of tosh, only time will tell.


17th Sep 2001, 00:04
Now that analysis does sound credible, I hope Airtours can weather the storm, thanks for the information Mr Angry!

17th Sep 2001, 03:25

I have more friends in Airtours than you probably have in your aggressive, presumptive little life. As someone wiser than you commented, "this is a rumour network" Get with it.

Good luck to you all.

17th Sep 2001, 14:34

Whilst I know that this is a rumour network, I am beginning to question the motives of those who post statements like this without regard to any potential damage that they do.

I see from your profile that you are 757/767 rated and UK based so I presume that you work for one of the competition. I work for aih and hope, like most of the other people on this forum who work in aviation, that the impact on our industry is not as grave as predicted.

I am sure that you have reasons for making the statement that you do, but having gone through the demise of air europe and others in the early 90's, you are mistaken to point to only one company after the devastating tragedies of the 11th September. ALL companies will suffer from the impact of this tragedy.

Your comments are unhelpful, and rather lacking in experience of this industry if you think that the downturn will only affect one organisation.

I question your motives for targeting airtours, (by the way who do you work for?), but I believe that they are in as good a shape as any other to ride out this storm.

I would add my condolences and deepest sympathy to anybody touched by this tragedy.

17th Sep 2001, 16:59

I guess you wouldn't have too many friends left at Airtours if they knew you were possibly engangering the future of their airline. I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating but it's happenend to other airlines on this forum !!
anyway lets not make this thread into a slanging match but hope that the TTG article as quoted by Mr Angry is proven wrong.

17th Sep 2001, 18:58
B Anakin

My guess is if Airtours go many will already have gone before as they are a very strong company. Yes they are having problems all operations do from time to time but then again if 150 - 160 profit is doing badly I don't think we need to worry about them much just yet.

As for sectors of the company not doing well, I guess one should remember Airtours have many fingers in many pies and that is their strengh.

Yes this is a rumour network but we I presume all work in the same industry and have friends who are going to be affected by the current situation. So lets all show a little consideration and responsability Mr Anakin, unfounded rumours can cost jobs!

On another issue, very sorry to hear about job Losses at Virgin, anyone have anymore details?

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18th Sep 2001, 02:21
OK, some humble pie consumed here. You are right, my question may not help but I would suggest if it takes me to send Airtours over the edge, then they really are in deep sh*t. Which I don't think they are.

Personally, I would rather discuss these scenarios than bury my head in the sand. Let's face it,this site is not the "PP fact network".

Once again good luck to you all.

18th Sep 2001, 02:27
Ahh Baby Anakin,

If I were you, I'd be more worried about your own job than anyone elses. Seeing as your butt is hanging out the bottom Britania's seniority list, probably in much the same place as it was when you joined 6 months ago.

As you know I work for Airtours, and I happen to believe that my job is no less safe than anyone elses.

Despite the odd rougue financial report, Airtours was starting to win favour again in the city, and the shares were recomended as a 'BUY' by many analysts (B4 last week!!). Next years bookings are up 8% over this year, and the problems of the German operation are being resolved.

Airtours strenght is in its diversity, as there are literally hundreds of components to the business.

The Airline is unique in as much as that it only just has enough A/C and crew to service the most 'quiet' part of the winter schedule, so it never has over-capaity (unlike your airline and the rest of IT), so in the summer a large part of the schedule is subbed out to MON,bmi, and Sky Services etc.

It is very easy to knock Airtours (because it is so successful), and it is not without its faults, but consider this, the Airline is only 10 years old, and its largest expansion was during the last recession which is why so many of our crew are ex Air Europe... Not many firms can say that!!

Some of you will say I'm putting my head in the sand....... Perhaps

Am I worried?.......Yes

Am I angry?........Yes

Am I optimistic?......I have to be, I have a wife, an 11 moth old girl, and a 170,000 mortgage to support.

Lets just hope they take out the evil cowardly scum ASAP so everyone can rebuild their lives.

Take care, and Good luck (we're ALL gonna need it!!)

18th Sep 2001, 02:43
How could they fail with you there? you big dutch rubber love thing you.


ps Nervous? I'm sh*tting bricks.

18th Sep 2001, 15:25

You truly are a flightless bird ! that being a TURKEY. Are you a well knoen ex airtoura millitant. You must be as you are using this site to show us all your character flaws, and clear mental instability.