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1st Jul 2004, 17:29
Government investigating aircraft security breach
Australian Associated Press 07/01/04

CANBERRA, July 1 AAP - The federal government is investigating why a plane was allowed to take off from Sydney Airport in breach of security procedures.

A Korean Airlines flight en route to Seoul was ordered to return to Sydney last night after the Office of Transport Security became aware of a security issue involving a passenger's luggage.

A random security test at the airport detected traces of explosives on a male passenger as he boarded the 2000 AEST flight last night. Subsequent checks revealed the test result was incorrect.

Office of Transport Security chief Andrew Tongue said today airline and airport officials failed to follow security procedures by checking the man's luggage.

They also failed to immediately inform the Office of Transport Security of what had occurred.

About an hour after the plane had taken off and was flying over or near Cairns, Mr Tongue ordered it to return to Sydney so the man's baggage could be checked.

"There was a breakdown in us being advised, the aircraft shouldn't have taken off and we're currently conducting an investigation to determine why the failure occurred," Mr Tongue told reporters.

"It's the responsibility of the airports and the airlines.

"Both of them work together to provide aviation security.

"They should have worked together to advise us, the aircraft shouldn't have taken off."

The plane was permitted to take off again at about 0415 AEST today.

Mr Tongue said the investigation would determine if any action should be taken against any individuals, Korean Airlines or Sydney Airport.

He said he hoped the incident would serve as a lesson to the aviation industry.

"I think that this will serve as a warning that if this sort of situation occurs aircraft are not to take off and we must be notified and appropriate procedures and protocols must be followed," he said.

1st Jul 2004, 18:59
Sydney-Cairns is a bit more than an hour. More like 3 hours.
Plenty of discussion about this in D&G :D