View Full Version : EASA-FCL is coming! Get your comments in!

24th Jun 2004, 14:36
I suspect many PPRuNers aren't aware that the proposals for the new EASA rules on flight crew licensing and operations have been out for consultation since late April. Given the widespread discontent with the way JAR-FCL was brought in it's important that as many pilots as possible read the proposals and contribute to the consultation. Comments must be in by 31 July.

The proposals are available at:


They are potentially quite radical in that EASA seems to favour having EU regulation of pilot licensing only for commercial pilots and perhaps for pilots of corporate and other aircraft over a specified weight. Light aircraft pilots and possibly corporate aircraft and aerial work would be regulated by accredited industry bodies such as federations (e.g. similar to the way the NPPL is administered). Medical standards for non-commercial pilots would also be devolved.

EASA is also looking for views on how to regulate commercial operations in the EU by third country aircraft.

24th Jun 2004, 16:08
Have just finalised my own responses to the EASA NPA 2/2004. I had a total of 23 response forms to complete in the format supplied and required by EASA if my submission was to be taken into consideration. The form template takes around 500KB and my own text averaged around 6KB each time or just over 1% of the total amount to be transmitted by email. In my case over 12MB with my non-broadband snail internet/email modem. What an utter foulup in terms of encouraging a reasonable level of response from all of us so-called EASA "stakeholders". What do you think?
Trapper 69
PS - It really is vital for all of us in GA to get a response into EASA either direct or through your own representative body in your own country. Our views must be taken into account as GA represents by far the greatest number of people involved in civil aviation in the EU countries. The EASA website has all the details so if you want to influence policy and escape the usual GA level of apathy get stuck in with a plain Word document comment to your GA representative body such as PFA, BMAA, BGA, AOPA(UK) etc. No need to use the EASA format and a huge emailing phone bill if you send it to the above organisations.