View Full Version : Free BALPA membership for Ryanair?

Single Flasher
23rd Jun 2004, 09:55
Can anyone confirm that there is now 6 months free membership for Ryanair pilots who join BALPA?

Makes sense as they can see Ryanair destroying a lot of the reputable industry if things carry on the way they are.


23rd Jun 2004, 11:31
Isn't Ryanair an Irish company? How can BALPA get involved there?

Single Flasher
23rd Jun 2004, 12:00
The Irish bases yes. The Stansted and Prestwick bases are Ryanair (UK) and as such are under the jurisdiction of BALPA.

23rd Jun 2004, 22:39
Hope they are. Maybe that would get all pilots joined up. Ryanair employees would need that. Even if it's not. Maybe it would be a good idea to join anyways!? Especially all the pilots in STN. That's the biggest base, and if people act down in STN, that would probably spread up to PIK and the other bases around the Ryanair network...

24th Jun 2004, 17:36
I queried this with Balpa and have their absolute assurance that this is totally untrue.

It's not under discussion or even being given consideration.

24th Jun 2004, 20:32
BALPA would lose my 1% if they start giving away free membership to other fully employed pilots.:suspect:

Notso Fantastic
24th Jun 2004, 21:45
Well they would if they did, but they're not, as you've just been told!

25th Jun 2004, 07:29
I confirm it's true, I have seen my self a paper about it yesterday afternoon. But honestly I don't think many people here will join them....

25th Jun 2004, 12:03

Balpa are saying this is untrue. The have said it to me on the phone and by email.

Which 'paper' do you claim to have seen?

25th Jun 2004, 12:08
what a load of crap ! just posting for a reaction i think

Single Flasher
25th Jun 2004, 15:18
I wasn't posting for a reaction. The reason I put it on pprune is that I heard from several people that there were signs put up in the Ryr crew room about this which were shortly afterwards pulled down.

I can see from the contradictory answers above that I will have to phone BALPA myself.


26th Jun 2004, 05:20
Which 'paper' do you claim to have seen?

It was a print copy of an email I got from a colleague, it was not from Balpa itself, but still a good source for me.

26th Jun 2004, 08:10
Standard Balpa fees: http://www.balpa.org/intranet/Join-BALPA/index.htm and I am more than happy to contribute.

Lou Scannon
26th Jun 2004, 10:27
I very much doubt that Balpa would give anything away for free.
When I retired they did give me free membership but quickly changed their minds and sent a bill for 30 to cover the cost of the Log. When I wrote and asked for more information they didn't even offer the courtesy of a reply.

And that is after some 33 years of membership.


auctor ignotus
26th Jun 2004, 10:55
I doubt whether BALPA membership free or otherwise would make any difference to O'Leary. He would probably take great delight in telling them to F**k off.;)

26th Jun 2004, 12:34
BALPA give 1/2% discount in the first year to new members. My bet is they're offering the Ryanair guys free for 6mths then 1% after.

26th Jun 2004, 22:58
I spoke with Balpa membership dept and received an email from them as follow up.

They affirm that there is no truth whatsoever in this story.

Use the email link on the Balpa web site direct to membership dept and ask for yourselves.

In the unlikely event this turns out to have any truth whatsoever I, and I guess many, many others, will resign instantly!

27th Jun 2004, 03:33
A not very well informed comment but did BALPA gave a special deal to Easyjet Pilots only a few months ago?
My impression was that in order to promote BALPA within that company, special assistance had been organised (ie free membership).

If this was the case then why not apply it to RYR. After all the more, the merrier!

27th Jun 2004, 08:46

No membership deals of any description have ever been offered to EZ pilots.

27th Jun 2004, 21:57
Fair enough. I must be confusing another issue involving BALPA and EZ then. I ll check again...

Don't you love it, posting after a night out ;)

28th Jun 2004, 07:01
Interesting the rush to defend BALPA, its almost as if there is some hidden agenda.

28th Jun 2004, 07:45
Yep there is a special deal at easyJet. 50% for the first 6 months if you've never ever ever been a BALPA member before ;)

28th Jun 2004, 08:36
Never ceases to amaze me why people make comments without researching easily available facts. ALL new BALPA members receive the following discount and it doesn't matter whether you're EZY, RYR or Uncle Tom Cobbly:Full Membership fees are based on a percentage of your salary at the 1st of January each year. There is a special reduction for new members in their first two years of membership as shown below.:

Year 1: 50% Discount
Year 2: 25% Discount

You can get all this information without the Chinese Whisper Syndrome that some people seem to permeate throughout these discussions at http://www.balpa.org/intranet/Join-BALPA/index.htm

28th Jun 2004, 08:42
There is no special deal at EZ.

New joiners are offered the same terms as everyone else.

1/2% yr 1, 3/4% yr 2, 1% year 3+.

The only variation is for cadets not yet on a permanent contract, who receive free membership only until full time contracts are in place - but that is the rule for EVERYONE in the industry - it's not a special deal for EZ at all.