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18th Jun 2004, 10:25
Any information about PIA F27 crash in Chitral (pakistan) on 16th:confused:

18th Jun 2004, 16:27
go to:


for a nice picture. It is about time that PIA changes these FK-27. I experienced some interesting landings when flying as a passenger. You better be prepared and sit close to the emergency exit. Chitral is a difficult approach.

PIA Fokker crash lands at Chitral

CHITRAL,16 June 04: A PIA Fokker aircraft evaded a major disaster here on Wednesday when it went out of control of the pilot after landing at the local airport when it developed a technical snag after touching down the runway. The aircraft overrun into the overrun area of the airport as a result of which two of its wheels and the oil tank separated from it and damaged partially. The passengers on board the aircraft told Chitral News that the pilot succeeded in managing to drive the aircraft into a safe area when it left the runway. The passengers and the crew disembarked the plane safely while the passengers waiting here were flown to Peshawar by a special relief flight. On board were District Nazim Shahzada Mohyuddin, Kalash celebrity Lakshan bibi besides 34 other passengers. District Nazim appreciated the efforts of its pilot Capt. Irfan Faiz. Meanwhile, according to the press release issued by PIA, a Chitral bound flight PK 660 departed from Peshawar today. The aircraft was fully serviceable le at the time of departure and the weather given was good. It landed in Chitral normally but after landing encountered some technical fault due to which aristocrat could not be stopped on the runway and skidded out of the runway. All the passengers and the crew were safe and disembarked normally. The aircraft got slightly damaged. The authorities concerned are investigating eh incident. (report by Zahiruddin)

18th Jun 2004, 19:05

That's the press for you! Anyway, glad no-one was damaged, slightly or otherwise..robust machines, these F-27's.

18th Jun 2004, 19:23
Would it be too much speculation that there could have been prop problems based on the evidence a poor quality photograph? It appears that the prop pitch angles are different, thus raising further interest in recent F27 accidents with reverse pitch in flight or pitch locked in reverse at other times.

18th Jun 2004, 23:01
The F27 dosn't have a reverse pitch!:8

19th Jun 2004, 02:14
Hello...reverse pitch in an F.27?

Must be different than the ones that I spent a long time in.
Ground fine pitch, Yes.
Reverse...in your dreams.

On the other hand, IF one decides to select GFP while still airbourne...you get whatever you deserve.:ooh:
Which...ain't good.:sad:

19th Jun 2004, 03:14
Can you really tell from the photo what the pitch was? Looks pretty un-fine on both to me. Port and nosegear collapsed, undamaged stbd prop may mean stbd gear intact or that the aircraft just leaned to port. Could it just mean an extra-whammo landing and nothing to do with engaging ground fine?

Oh yes, where's that oil tank!?

Hotel Charlie
19th Jun 2004, 11:21
Too me it looks like the one port is in GFP and the starboard is not (it could of course have been feathered after leaving the runway)!
If what happened is that only on goes to GFP at a 100 kts itīll take you off the centerline :-)

19th Jun 2004, 16:55
The oil tank mentioned could be the water methanol tank. It's mounted on the bulkhead at the rear of the nacelle, behind the undercarriage, and looks kind of oil-tankish. Or at least they are on the Fairchild built F-27's.
Hotel Charlie, only one prop going to ground fine at a hundred knots would most surely find you headed for the boonies. :D

19th Jun 2004, 18:45
Oh yes, where's that oil tank!?

And who was this aristocrat who wouldn't get off the runway ? (read it again :) )

19th Jun 2004, 21:03
the Chitral News press release is indeed hilarous:

The aircraft was fully serviceable at the time of departure

does it mean that PIA aircraft are not always serviceable at time of departure ?

and by the way, Chitral region is marvelous...worth a visit and safer to fly PIA than to hit the road up there...

30/30 Green Light
21st Jun 2004, 04:24
I think Safetypee may be referring to the F27 Mk 050, more commonly referred to as the Fokker 50 which does have reverse pitch and is powered by PW 125's(?).Real F27's are powered by the good old RR Dart, just like the PIA one shown,and as 411a says no reverse but a very effective GFP