View Full Version : Aer Lingus to pull of the ORK-CDG route ?

18th Oct 2001, 03:34
I have heard some rumours that Aer Lingus is about to pull of the ORK-CDG route. Has anybody got any news about that? Also heard that there are 2 non-Irish operators ready to pounce on this route. Does anybody know anuthing about this? :confused:

Tom the Tenor
19th Oct 2001, 00:51
I should say it is unlikely that EI will pull off the non-stop Cork-Paris route. Just checked the EI website and it is still offering the daily direct service from Cork for some months ahead. The aircraft used is a B737-500 which before leaving Cork for Paris at midday has all ready done an earlier rotation ORK-AMS-ORK which performs very well so at least the aircraft is always in place for Paris. French people are fond of the Cork-Kerry area so there will always be a market now that the daily service is well & truly established which began some years ago with Fokkers 50s, then BAe146s and now the 735s. Also, the first EI flight of the day at Cork, the EI520 is a Cork-Dublin-Paris flight, a B737-400 so Paris is really quite well serviced from Cork. Cork's difficulty has been to establish some more direct services to Europe - it is crazy there is no direct link to Germany while Shannon can host daily Ryanair flights to Charleroi & Hahn!

Interestingly, there was some rumour more than a year ago now about that great but now gone little airline, Virgin Express Ireland starting a Shannon-Cork-Paris service at low prices which would likely have had a good chance of succeeding but of course events superceded it.

Cork Airport celerbrated it's 40th Birthday on Tuesday but I did not go up to witness the celebrations, I was having a Sturm und Drang episode! It would all have been too much for me!