View Full Version : Astreus landing incident in Brescia?

5th Jun 2004, 09:20
Any news about an Astreus 737-700 landing incident in Brescia on 1st June?

According to http://www.jacdec.de , On short final just before touchdown, the aircraft struck an antenna causing damage to one main gear leg. The pilots managed to land safely

Kalium Chloride
5th Jun 2004, 09:49
Can't add an awful lot to that.

But the official word is this: Astraeus 737-700 (G-STRD) on a flight from LGW-VBS hit the antenna of an electronic measuring system which had been "misplaced" near the threshold of the runway.

Incident took place at 11:50 on 1 June.

Tyre damage but otherwise a safe landing and no other problems.

5th Jun 2004, 10:34
"Misplaced" is probably an understatement.

The Aerial was 21M high and extended from the top of an ILS Calibration van which had been authorised by the tower to enter the runway just prior to the aircraft arrival. The crew thought they had been struck by a bird.

Damage was to one tyre, which was only observed after aircraft was shutdown on stand.

Currently subject of an ENAC ( Italian CAA) investigation.


5th Jun 2004, 18:44