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3rd Jun 2004, 09:49
How many have had 6 (all) blank displays of the new LCD type on the A320. I know of 2 incidents.

Do any know the technical reason ?

3rd Jun 2004, 11:12
everytime I get on one. but rectifies itself when I turn the Brightness back up

3rd Jun 2004, 12:15
Gosh!That's how you do it.
I won't need to call the engineers every time I take an aircraft,now!

5th Jun 2004, 22:20
Well BusBoy, the one I know of, happened at night at FL380.

All 6 screens were not usefull for almost 10 minutes ! (off ~40 sec/on 3-4 sec). Then finally a full reset off all 6 screens recovered them.

Golden Parrot
5th Jun 2004, 23:35
Lost the F/O PFD on a 330 once. Took 3 resets to get it back. They still look nicer than the old CRTs though!

6th Jun 2004, 01:30
hard to belive, 6 screens blank! but I am an Engineer anyhow:ok:

Very unlikely to have 3 faulty DCUs!! but if the cooling is not working for some reason, it will be a different story.

Its very easy to have the cooling inlets blocked (dust)!
Quick fix: pull the CBs for a couple of minutes and get the FLT deck temperature down.



6th Jun 2004, 03:56
I guess nothing beats the old fashioned dials.

6th Jun 2004, 05:27
This is caused by one (or more) DU sending corrupted data back to the DMC or another DU. This corrupted data is not recognised by the system and thus causes a hardware reset....hence the blank screens. Recovery, if the system does not auto-recover, is (as I suspect you already know!) to turn off all the screens and reset then sequentially one by one until the duff unit is isolated.

Not looking forward to this one I must say, but AI claim they have a fix ready now. Interesting to see how long it takes to be installed.

7th Jun 2004, 12:56

Yes the reset were done acc. to QRH " turn off all the screens and reset them sequentially one by one " . Even though this procedure din`t bring up a faulty unit.

I have also heard that the ISIS (stby. instr.) could be the problem ??

You say that AI have a fix ready. Do you what and when ?

8th Jun 2004, 22:41
The 'fix' is a software update, available now. My company has started the update procedure and I expect all affected aircraft to have been done within a week.
As probably the first to report the problem, which, as far as I am aware, only affects EIS2 equipped aircraft we are doing the update in advance of the expected mandatory SB.

9th Jun 2004, 19:40
Are these the same units as on SIA 747-400s? They have had 2 cases flying SIN-KS. There are details on NTSB I think.

10th Jun 2004, 00:36
Correct this only applies to LCD screened a/c.
No as far as I know the ISIS is not affected.
Don't know...do the 747s have LCD screens now?

10th Jun 2004, 14:42
I don't know if the 747 has these screens, but it would make sense that any new production ones would, since I believe the 777 uses them. Boeing would use any new technology in all their products, as would Airbus. However, it wouldn't necessarily mean that the screens are from the same manufacturer. They might have a different supplier.

13th Jun 2004, 00:18
"Don't know...do the 747s have LCD screens now?

Yes. All the later 744's and all the 744ER's have them. They are interchangeable with the CRT type.


16th Jun 2004, 18:14
The only reason ISIS comes in to it is that the MEL has been made more restrictive re: inop data e.g. attitude, IAS, etc. on the ISIS which basically limits you to day VMC if you have ISIS functions inop.

However, the fix is available in two steps, first fix being uploaded, next one should be avail in July.