View Full Version : What is the risk now?

15th Sep 2001, 08:02
The greatest risk to civil airliners now must be that of being accidently shot down. There will be some very itchy trigger fingers everywhere. Don't think so? Remember the Iranian Airbus in the Gulf. I'm not going anywhere without 2 serviceable transponders, fail to squak or communicate and there will be very little time for defenders to decide what to do if you are near a big city.

15th Sep 2001, 08:21
I think the greatest risk is more of the same. There maybe more cells out there, we don't know that all of them executed their plans. Who knows how many were foiled by the ground stop, and are just itchin to get on a plane. Maybe they are letting the heat cool off for a few days, maybe not...

What is worse, is now that it has been demonstrated just how easy it is, watch for a wave of copy cats. They may not be as skilled at the flying end of it, but there are lots of palestinian suicide bombers out there that certainly had the dieing end figured out. So maybe the don't hit anything other than the dirt. Its still a bad day for all on board. The weapons that they used will not be stopped by even the current security.

These things go in and out of fashion. Remember when a plane was landing just about every other day in Cuba? It started slowly and then built up to a curscendo. A good friend of mine was hijacked there TWICE! For the deranged scum of the earth, this will be irresistable, and quite fashionable for a while.

This is a really crappy new world we are lookin at.