View Full Version : Ba777 On Ground At Dubai

30th May 2004, 17:48
Just curious to know why a BA777 has been on ground at DXB for the last 72 hours, parked outside the EK Engineering hangar, amidst a parade of A340-300's and 500's of Emirates.

I think the BA aircraft has just left.

Anyone know what's up?

30th May 2004, 22:33
3rd hand rumour.... Needs a new motor. Have you seen an Antonov arrive yet with new one?


31st May 2004, 16:49
Didn't see the Antonov arrive yet - there are so many Antonovs in and out of DXB every day.

However, the BA777 has now departed, so must be fixed, whatever it was.

Strange, I seem to note that a BA744, BA772 (different one) and a BA763 have all gone "tech" in DXB in the last six weeks, and have all been parked in remote locations at the airport at odd times. Isn't this some kind of a record??? (The current sick 777 would be the 4th aircraft tech.)

And, is the new BA 3 x daily service to DXB using a 763 a permanent thing, or just seasonal?

Only curious.

Notso Fantastic
31st May 2004, 22:38
The timetable shows one 767 on about alternate days only. The main service is provided by wonderful big attractive smart shiny daily 747-400s supplemented by the odd daily 777. Looks like it's that way for the summer season.

31st May 2004, 23:33
I think he is still in the "Desdi Hold", twas a busy night and there is a reasonable chance we forgot about him!

Could be worse, could be Chittagong!


A little concerned that an aeroplane stuck on the ground somewhere in the world is worth posting in Rumours and News....

Gents/Ladies its time to get out and enjoy a Middle East summer and let BA, SIA, EK, PIA, GF, OMA, AFR, CLX, AIC, CPA, SEY, KQA, ETH, DLH, QTR, ETD, ROJ, SYR, EGY, IRQ, ...or blah de blah whatever airline, park their jets wherever they want too...!

Anaraks check...1...1....ooops guess its just me!


1st Jun 2004, 09:15
It blew an engine (RR).

1st Jun 2004, 22:37
suspect AVIACO is a bit like me ...... curious!!!! ;)

coming out of SNN a few weeks ago and I saw a great big yellow Catalina ....... just out of interest I did a search on PPRUNE and guess what .........


and then this ......


yep ...... that was the Cat I saw .....