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28th May 2004, 19:58
BEWARE !!!there are ads out looking for L-1011 pilots with star air. They have not paid salary of present crew that were all sent home on vacation. They were told that the money would be wired. Now it seems that they figure that it would be cheaper to hire new crew. THINK TWICE!!!!

1st Jun 2004, 14:56
it seems that many ppruners are reading this...if one person is warned before they invest themselves, then that is great

2nd Jun 2004, 14:50
No money to pay crews? Imagine the state of airplane maintenance, must be scary. Probably no regulatory oversight either. HQ at AMM, Base at SHJ, AOC 9L :{

Random Electron
3rd Jun 2004, 00:41

I used to work for a London City based BAe-146 airline who were bought out by a group, of 'investors' going by the name of 'Star Airways'.

Pretty soon our pay cheques started slowing down, and eventually halted.

Management requested us to please keep the show on the road, because funds from overseas were on the way!

Yeah, right!

Eventually, all the aircraft were reposessed, the directors disappeared, and I was 13,000 Pounds short of pay.

A long time later, I heard from the administrators that the deposits on the two aircraft (800,000 USD each) had some how 'evaporated' after they were refunded by US Air Leasing.

Beware, there are some sharks out there!

6th Jun 2004, 00:06
...Maybe go next door to Air Rum, word is that they actually pay something!

6th Jun 2004, 00:41
What about Air Univeral 9L tristars. Are they in Sharjah too?

6th Jun 2004, 17:54
Air Rum- L1011 Capt- 3500 +100 per day flying + fleebag hotel+
all the gruell that you can eat. Mixed signals from Globe Jet, they are recrewing pilots. Universal, I have not seen their 747 move so who knows?

7th Jun 2004, 00:04
Looks like Star air is having a hard time finding Tristar crews.

homesick rae
7th Jun 2004, 11:19
They advertised on 04th June in Gulf News in UAE for both flight deck and cabin crew. I assume they are a different outfit from the Al Thani operation due to start up from SHJ?

7th Jun 2004, 18:10
Same outfit with airplanes in Sharja, with base in Amman....but as stated earlier, there are several crews that are owed money, and the president told them that since times have been hard..NO PAY!!! Think about that before you apply